[Cannes Festival] The Festival is coming!

Hello dollz !

To celebrate the Cannes Festival, our team has a nice surprise in store for you this week-end! Be ready to keep an eye on the website Saturday and Sunday! We will tell you more about it later today. ; )


Get ready to enjoy the red carpet on OhMyDollz!


(Our game is available on French board and Facebook page only, sorry. International players (french-reading required) are welcome on Facebook page!)

A game will be directly linked to the events that will take place Saturday and Sunday, and will allow you to gather precious information about what will happen this week-end!

Today, there will be 5 game sessions on the French forum as well as on the official Facebook page of the game. The sessions will take place at 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm (CET), with 6 possible winners for each session (3 on  Facebook and 3 on the French forum), so 30 winners in total!

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