[Flash Sale] French Terrace and Flash store opening

Hello dollz!

Here is a magnificent Flash sale to bring a breath of fresh air to your terrace!

This superb set! And with the city background incorporated into the pack, you can install this set in any room to give a city look to any room. And this with Exclusive colors.



The Flash Store will also be open if you wanted to purchase the previous version of this bundle.

If you want to take advantage of the flash sale, just click on the following icon.


The Flash sale as well as the Flash piece will be available until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Enjoy the view !


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[Quest replays] The anniversary quests return (1/2) !

Hello Dollz !

In 13 years many quests have been organised for OhMyDollz' anniversary and Sarah's birthday. We offer you today to discover or rediscover a part of these wonderful quests !

Up to Sunday you have the possibility to play again the anniversary quest(s) of your choice ! The occasion to win rooms and sumptuous gifts !

In 2011, Sarah invited all the Dollz to her Birthday party and she chose you to help her with the organization !
Win “Sarah’s home” if you play this quest through !


In 2012, Sarah personally created almost all the content of this quest ! She wrote the texts of the story and drew all the gifts !
Win the “Cloud” if you choose to play this quest !


In 2013, we celebrated 6 years of OhMyDollz with a quest mixing reality and fantasy !
Win “Sarah’s home” !


In 2014, it was seen as a real challenge to organize Sarah’s birthday party !
You can win the “Party room”, its extension and both day and night themes ! You can also win 10 vouchers !



On the occasion of these replays, the related shop will open it's doors during the event !

Play again these quests until Sunday at 11.59am (Paris time).


Enjoy the quests on OhMyDollz !

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מיס דירה החדשה!

3 המנצחות בתחרות מיס דירה הן:

מיס דירה:

במקום הראשון : שזוכה ב 150$$$, פרס "המעצבת הטובה ביותר" ותעודה, זכתה עם קולות!

במקום השני:

שזוכה ב 100$$$ עם קולות!

במקום השלישי:

שזוכה ב 50$$$ עם קולות

כל הכבוד להן!

תוכלו לראות אותן במובילות תחרות הדירות של השבוע

נתראה בעוד שבועיים כדי לבחור את מיס דירה החדשה!

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[VIP] Discount on the VIP subscriptions!

Hello dollz!

If you don't have a VIP subscription yet, then this might be the perfect time to get one!
Until Sunday
take advantage of a special offer on VIP subscriptions!

The subscription is discounted!
A unique occasion to enjoy the VIP status !


What are the advantages of VIP status?

– An Unique gift a week! (Credited on Friday at 10 am in your inventory)
– The daily wage doubled when you work! (Excluding Talents and bonuses)
– A bonus of 35 $$$ per week! (Credited on Friday at 10 am)
– 6 tokens to play OhMyGames per week! (Credited on Friday at 10 am)
– Access to the VIP store for the duration of your subscription!
– The double daily votes, 20 instead of 10 (credited at midnight)!
– A different store of the game at -30%, every Saturday of the year!
– Access to the "VIP special" room for the duration of your subscription
– Other small advantages in the game!

VIP subscription for 1 month will cost 750 Fee'z instead of 999 Fee'z!


VIP subscription for 3 months will cost you 2000 Fee'z instead of 2999 Fee'z!


VIP subscription for 6 months will cost you 2450 Fee'z instead of 4999 Fee'z!


VIP subscription for 1 year will cost 3499 Fee'z instead of 6999 Fee'z!


Take advantage of it now because it's an exceptional offer!

For those who already have the VIP subscription, this offer is cumulative.

Not yet a VIP member?

If you want to access all the bonus content, become a VIP member.

Find all the details on the VIP registration page by clicking on the "Become VIP" button in your doll's information frame.


These offers are available until Sunday, August 9th at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Don't wait any longer and join the VIP club of OhMyDollz!

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[Happy Hours] Sarah has surprises in store for you during the anniversary month !

Hello Dollz,

Did you know ? Every evening at 7pm an item becomes part of an "Happy hour", which means that it's available for 15 minutes at a truly interesting price.

From today and for this whole birthday month you won't get one but 3 different happy hours a day at 11am , 3pm and 7pm .Each item stays available 15 minutes.

And the cheery on top is at least 1 of the 3 daily items proposed during the happy hours will be 100% Free !



How does it work ?

During the whole month of August, pay close attention every day to the "Current offers" at the top-left part of the website.

Each time you see the http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png  button, it means that an item is available !

It will stay 15 minutes. Be on the lookout and be quick to make sure not to miss anything 😉

To see the item, you simply need to hover your mouse over the offer. Click on the "Buy" link beneath the button to acquire the item.

This event will last until the 31st of August. In September we will be back to the usual schedule of one single daily Happy Hour at 7pm.

Have fun on OhMyDollz !

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מיס דולז החדשה!

3 הזוכות בתצוגת האפנה מיס דולז הן:

מיס דולז:

שזוכה ב 60$$$, ובכתר והסרט המרהיבים, עם קולות!

במקום השני:

שזוכה ב 30$$$ עם קולות

ובמקום השלישי:

שזוכה ב 15 $$$ עם קולות

כל הכבוד להן!

תוכלו לראות אותן במובילות תצוגת האפנה ותחרות מיס דולז של השבוע

נתראה בשבוע הבא כדי לבחור במיס דולז הבאה!

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[Quest] Natural Magic!

Hello dollz!

new Unpublished quest is appearing on Ohmydollz and this thanks to the fantastic will of the community and more precisely of the players and creators whose nicknames you will find at the end of the news.

Discover yourself during this initiatory journey surrounded by your friends, discover your link with magic in all its forms through each step of this quest.


You will be able to get two new and awesome models upon completion of this quest.

A magical quest that will allow your dollz to find its esoteric roots, its origins and its true nature.


Great gifts await you! As you progress through the quest, the gifts get more and more beautiful.


You will also be asked to answer Enigmas to win bonus gifts.

On the last step of the quest, 2 choices will be presented to you, which will determine the end of your story. What will be your decision?

To access the quest, click on the button in the current offers:

quete_joueurs_offDiscover the color variations of the items you will need for the quest at the store  

You have until Wednesday, August 5, 11:59 PM to participate in this quest. VIP subscribers have an additional 24 hours to participate in the quest, until Thursday, August 6, 11:59 p.m. (Paris hours)

All this would not have been possible without the magnificent content produced by Bellamara, Dollz-morte123, Geb, Jolisara, Laady-choc, Morino, Skeleton and Tigre37, a big THANK YOU to them, don't hesitate to leave them kind comments (they are on the French server) for their involvement.

Thanks also to you dear doll who read this message and who by your support as well as your fidelity allows us to continue to make live this game which we like !!!
Discover your magic and its secrets on OhMyDollz!

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[Packs] Nostalgia! Beach and Swimming

Hi dollz!

Want to enjoy the summer? Let us who goes when into vacation, for the sun is there and invites us to go to the beach!

We offer packs to give a summer and exotic hint to your lofts.



Originally, they were released with the Hawaii Room;) but we have updated these a little by putting at your disposal the Mediterranean Room (Travel tab), as well as its extension.


If you already own the Mediterranean Room, you will get its extension with these packs!

Discover these packs, which offer:

Bungalow: a beautiful outfit and an adorable bungalow, to be placed on a beach! Included in this pack: the " Mediterranean" Room, in the "Travel" tab (or its extension if you already have it).


Backpacker: an adventurous character and a bathing suit in the colors of Africa!


Playa, available in 4 sizes including a "mini" format in $$$: Swimsuits and a Surfer dollzmen with all its panoply, to tan with class on the beach!


Playa Mini: tan comfortably and cheap!


Playa S: swimsuit, money, gift certificates, and tokens to have fun at OhMyGames!


Playa M: a beautiful Californian surfer and all his accessories (mannequin included), all the swimsuits, money, gift certificates, and tokens to have fun at OhMyGames!


Playa X: a beautiful Californian surfer and all accessories (mannequin included), all swimsuits, money, gift certificates, tokens for fun at OhMyGames! Included in this pack: the " Mediterranean " Room, in the "Travel" tab (or its extension if you already have it).

To access the packs, click on the button of the offer of the moment:


Discover these packs until Sunday 11:59 pm (CET).

Happy holidays on OhMyDollz!

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[Replay Quest] Summer camp !

Hi there vacationers!

Our doll just obtained her high school degree, and now she take the opportunity of summer holidays to do her first work experience!

She will live many adventures!

Indeed, everything can happen in a : Summer Camp !


There are summer camps themes for all tastes: extreme sports, adventure, role playing, riding or even art show! You doll will experience all, and this can give you an indea about the explosive cocktail of this quest!

Finish this quest before Friday 31st July at 14h30 and get a lot of gifts!

Here some sample of the beautiful gifts of this quest :

– The job Infant care worker  to get a salary of 7 $$$ !


– Interactive mannequins, kids and babies arrive on OhMyDollz !! (Male and female kids to dress up and babies with different colour skin)

– The equitation decor, with its Interactive Horses and accessories !

This new quesr requires a choice from you !

if you want to play both ends, you will need 150 Fee'z to get all the gift of this quest!


As you progress through the story, the passage of the steps requires more and more prerequisite, but in return, the gifts are more beautiful!!

Answer correctly to all enigmas in the story and meet many characters !

Find all the color declinations of pre-requisite items in the Holiday Shop : 

This shop will be available until Sunday 2nd August at 23:59, take this opportunity to get the items of the color you prefer!! !

The adventure already started on #OhMyDollz !

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מיס דירה החדשה!

3 המנצחות בתחרות מיס דירה הן:

מיס דירה:

במקום הראשון : שזוכה ב 150$$$, פרס "המעצבת הטובה ביותר" ותעודה, זכתה עם קולות!

במקום השני:

שזוכה ב 100$$$ עם קולות!

במקום השלישי:

שזוכה ב 50$$$ עם קולות

כל הכבוד להן!

תוכלו לראות אותן במובילות תחרות הדירות של השבוע

נתראה בעוד שבועיים כדי לבחור את מיס דירה החדשה!

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