[Geschenke] Meine Liste an Sarah !

Hallo Dollz !

Sarah hat zum Jubiläum des Spiels eine schöne überraschung für euch parat !

Sie hat sich großartige Sammlergeschenke herausgesucht und bietet euch die Möglichkeit, eure Lieblingsgegenstände aus ihrer Liste zu wählen ! Geht einfach vorbei, um eure Wahl zu treffen 😉

Sarah schenkt euch Tickets um diese Geschenke zu bekommen.
Jeder Spieler erhält 3 Tickets. VIP-Spieler erhalten 4.


Wenn ihr nicht sicher seid, welches Geschenk ihr möchtet oder wenn ihr mehr Geschenke wollt, aber nicht genug Tickets habt, könnt ihr zusätzliche Tickets bei der Bank zum Preis von 45 Fee’z pro Stück kaufen. Ihr könnt dann auf die Liste gehen um dieses Ticket auf dem Geschenk, das du dir wünschst, zu verwenden.


Ihr habt bis Sonntag um 23:59 Uhr Zeit, die Geschenke von Sarah einzusammeln (Pariser Zeit).


Genießt eure Geschenke und frohes Jubiläum an allen !

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[Packs] The Fairy „Feerik Games“ and her Dark Twin !

Hello dollz!

The beautiful collector’s outfit designed by Lost-Creation with the effigy of Fairy „Feerik Games“ is available in packs until Sunday!

But did you know that the Fairy „Feerik Games“ had a dark twin, just as splendid?

Take the opportunity to combine these two suits and mix their elements to your desire.



Models are not included in the sale.

The dresses in this collection are not in the Flash store as they are collector items.

You can purchase these exceptional dresses until Sunday, 23:59. (Paris hours)


May the fairies protect you on OhMyDollz!

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[Quest replays] The anniversary quests return (2/2) !

Hello Dollz !

In 12 years many quests have been organised for OhMyDollz‘ anniversary and Sarah’s birthday. We offer you today to discover or rediscover a part of these wonderful quests !

Up to Sunday you have the possibility to play again the anniversary quest(s) of your choice ! The occasion to win rooms and sumptuous gifts !

In 2015, you experienced something special, something unique and spectacular you dreamed of for your birthday ! Through this quest, you can win the „Restaurant“ as well as the twin sister model !


In 2016, players were invited to discover a special quest made by our staff in collaboration with talented players from the community ! Amazing gifts await you, including the „OhMyWorld“ room and the refund of the quest as a 1$$$ bonus to your daily wage during 262 days !


In 2017, players discovered a sumptuous and magical quest. Unveil the secret of the Tree-heart and win the giant „Tree“ room as well as the room „At the foot of the Tree“. The job „Guardian of the Tree“ (8$$$ per day) will be yours if you play both ends of the quest !



On the occasion of these replays, the related quests will open their doors during the event !


Play again these quests until Sunday at 11.59am (Paris time).


Enjoy the quests on OhMyDollz !

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[Fashion Show] Anniversary Special Theme: To the Great ball of the fairies!

You are invited to the Great Fairy Ball to celebrate the Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom of OhMyDollz!
The Great Fairy Queen Sarah will be waiting for you, in a sumptuous setting, carefully prepared by thousands of fairies of the Kingdom!
What will you wear for this prestigious and magical event?

Anniversary Special Theme
To the Great ball of the fairies!
Create an original outfit with the help of the required items

You can register starting Tuesday, August 20 at 10am until Monday, August 26 at 10am

Take your time to prepare your creation!
Check that your outfit is consistent and respects the theme before you sign.


• To register for this show you must respect the following prerequisites :

– Use at least 2 items from the “Fantasy modifiers” department https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/fantasy_body_parts/fantasy_body_parts_off.png in the “Body” category  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/type_corps/type_corps_off.png

– Use at least 1 item from the “Special effects” department https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/decor_fx/decor_fx_off.png in the “Dollz decoration” department  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/jardinerie/jardinerie_off.png

– Use at least 3 items from the “Plants, vegetables, leaves” category https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/fleur/fleur_off.png in the “Dollz accessory” department https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/accessoire/accessoire_off.png or “Dollz decoration” department  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/jardinerie/jardinerie_off.png

Special Prizes for this Special Fashion Show Anniversary!

Miss OhMyDollz will win a 12-day VIP membership, as well as a mega shopping session with access to all stores for 12 days and 120 $$$ to shop! She will also win the Miss’ crown and sash, as well as 10 item multipliers, 10 tokens and 10 gift certificates!

The first runner-up will win 75 $$$, as well as 10 multipliers of objects, 10 tokens and 10 gift certificates!

The second runner-upwill win 45 $$$, as well as 10 multipliers of objects, 10 tokens and 10 gift certificates!

The 4th to the 10th runner-up will win 20 $$$ !

For this special parade, former Miss from the last 30 days can also participate.


Trouble understanding this theme or the fashion show ?
You can find help (and many tips) to follow the rules on the forum. To access it, go to the page of the parade and click on the link “Details of the parade”.


– It is best to wait for the next theme if you cannot meet the requirements for this one, otherwise you will risk failing to be selected or even worse being banished for not respecting the theme.


Which creation will be the most appreciated on OhMyDollz ?

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Die Gewinnerinnen der Modenschau!

Die drei Gewinnerinnen der Wahl der Miss OhMyDollz sind :

Miss OhMyDollz : agva16 mit 21 Stimmen, die 100 $$$, die Schärpe und die Misskrone gewinnt !

Zweite Siegerin : baileylove mit 17 Stimmen, die 60 $$$ gewinnt

Dritte Siegerin : ginger mit 16 Stimmen, die 30 $$$ gewinnt !

Vom 4. bis zum 10. Platz :

Herzlichen Glückwunsch !

Bis in zwei Wochen um die neue Miss OhMyDollz zu wählen !

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[Fashion Show] Designers’ Happy Week-end – OhMyDollz’s anniversary!

Hello dollz,

The Fashion Show returns this week-end on OhMyDollz, a new opportunity for our young creators to show their talent!

For two days, enjoy this selection of wonderful outfits for the OhMyDollz’s anniversary!

Fantasy, new wave, outside of the box, Sarah suggests a selection of outfits created by the community, to make your doll a real princess for the party! Which style is your favorite?

To allow all players to get the creations, each item will be  available for 30 minutes.


Sarah selected incredible creations for the Fashion Show that will proposed to all the community ! These creations have been selected from the Call to designers event. All are exclusive items !

How does it work?

On August 17 and 18, from 10:00am to 11:00pm (Paris time), keep an eye on the “current offers” in the upper left corner of the website.

Whenever you see this button http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png , it means that an item is available !

Each item will appear for 30 minutes before being replaced by another. So you better pay close attention. 😉

Simply hover over the button to have a better look at the item, if you wish to make it yours click on the “buy” button below.

Here’s a glimpse of what will be shown this week-end :


















These are special collector’s items, they cannot be bought through the purchase between lofts: this event is the only chance to get them! So, do not hesitate if you like a creation, because once the time has run out, it will be too late 😉

Don’t miss this chance on OhMyDollz!

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[Bank] Sonderangebot auf $$$ !

Hallo Dollz,

Braucht ihr ein bisschen extra $$$ ?

Falls ihr mehr OhMyDollarz nötig habt ist jetzt die richtige Zeit !
Bis Sonntag könnt ihr bei der Bank von einem Sonderangebot auf OhMyDollarz profitieren.

Gewinnt dieses Wochenende mehr $$$ bei der Umwandlung von eurer Fee’z !


Bei der Umwandlung eurer Fee’z erhaltet ihr :
– 45 $$$ (anstatt 30 $$$) für 150 Fee’z
– 250 $$$ (anstatt 185 $$$) für 900 Fee’z
– 760 $$$ (anstatt 500 $$$) für 2300 Fee’z

Um eure Fee’z in OhMyDollarz umzuwandeln geht auf die Seite der Bank.


Ihr habt bis Sonntag um 23.59 Uhr Zeit, von diesem Sonderangebot zu profitieren (Pariser Zeit).

Gutes Wochenende auf OhMyDollz !

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[Packs] Anniversary Dresses „Piloupimp“!

Hello dollz!

How best to celebrate a birthday dressed as a star by a Talent Stylist?

The sumptuous „Piloupimp“ evening dresses will allow you to turn your dollz into a true princess.


Luxurious evening dresses to dress your dollz, “the Pilou way”.





Models and wigs are not included in the sale.

The dresses of this collection won’t be in the Flash store, as they are collector objects.

You can purchase these exceptional dresses until Sunday, 23:59. (Paris time)

Be the most beautiful on OhMyDollz!

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[Mystery Box] Chill and relax at the beach!

Hello dollz!

With the summer heat, how about enjoying the beach in a chic Bohemian atmosphere?

Discover this new exclusive outfit, designed by the talented Elsa. An invitation to chill and relax!

Here’s a Mystery Box to make your most stylish dollz of the season!


Open the chests and get the 20 Items of this collection.
Be careful, the model is not included.

How does it work?

Each box contains a certain number of these items randomly selected:

– the MiniBox contains 5 objects for 150 Fee’z

– the MediumBox contains 12 objects for 300 Fee’z

– the MaxiBox contains ALL THE OBJECTS, namely 20 objects, for 500 Fee’z

Beware ! You cannot know in advance the content of the boxes because it’s chsoen at random.

If you buy the same box several times, you won’t obtain the same items unless you’ve collected all of them!

These Mystery Boxes will be available until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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[VIP] Sonderangebot auf VIP-Abonnemente !

Hallo Dollz,

Wenn ihr bis jetzt gezögert habt VIP zu werden, wäre jetzt der richtige Moment um zuzugreifen!

Profitiert bis Mittwoch von einer Vergünstigung des VIP Abos!

Die Abos könnt ihr zu einem Sonderpreis erhalten ! Eine einmalige Gelegenheit um während Weihnachten über die Vorteile des VIP-Status zu verfügen!


Was sind meine Vorteile als VIP ?

– Ein neues Geschenk jede Woche ! (in eurem Inventar jeden Freitag um 10 Uhr)
– Ein verdoppelter Tageslohn ! (mit Ausnahme von Talenten und Boni)
– Ein wöchentlicher Bonus von 35$$$ ! (jeden Freitag um 10 Uhr)
– 6 Chips pro Woche um die OhMyGames zu spielen ! (jeden Freitag um 10 Uhr)
– Zugang zum VIP-Shop : eine neue Kollektion jeden Monat !
– Maximal 20 Stimmen pro Tag anstatt 10 ! (um Mitternacht wiederhergestellt)
– 30% Rabatt auf einen verschiedenen Shop jeden Samstag !
– Zugang zum VIP-Raum
– Weitere kleine Vorteile im Spiel !

Das 1 Monat gültiges VIP-Abonnement ist zum Preis von 750 Fee’z anstatt 999 Fee’z.


Das 3 Monate gültiges VIP-Abonnement ist zum Preis von 2000 Fee’z anstatt 2999 Fee’z.


Das 6 Monate gültiges VIP-Abonnement ist zum Preis von 2450 Fee’z anstatt 4999 Fee’z.


Das 1 Jahr gültiges VIP-Abonnement ist zum Preis von 3499 Fee’z anstatt 6999 Fee’z.


Nutzt dieses Angebot gut aus!

Falls ihr schon VIP seid sind die neu gekauften Monate mit eurem vorigen Abo kumulierbar.

Noch nie VIP-Mitglied gewesen?

Wenn ihr Zugang zu all diesem Inhalt haben wollt, musst ihr VIP-Mitglied werden.

Alle Details könnt ihr auf die Anmeldungsseite finden indem ihr auf den „Werde ein VIP“ Button klickt.


Dieses Sonderangebot ist bis Mittworch, dem. 14 August um 23.59 Uhr (Pariser Stunde) verfügbar.

Wartet nicht langer und tretet in den VIP-Club ein !

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