Vintage Pony: Sweet Witch

Halloween is almost upon us and preparations for the big night of the witches are done now.

All witches gathered in our Valley for this great celebration full of music and magic.

The very popular Candy Witch is giving away the most delicious sweet treats to everyone around.

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Card release: Jack Al’Azred

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:



Jack Al’Azred. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Nehantists. Warrior. Undead. Spirit 1. Attack 7/9. Defense 2. Health points 16. Cannot chain any card. After having played your cards, if you have a living Necromancian, choose a Necrosis in your Discard pile, it is played. Turns 2, 3, 5 and 7: Your Necromancians heal 2 Health point.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Necrotic Chain. Rare. Action. Nehantists. Warrior. Undead. Attack +1, Defense +1 and Spirit +1 until the end of the game. If this card is a Necrosis, Attack +1 per your others active Necrosis, otherwise this card will become a Necrosis.

Mortuary Shield. Uncommon. Shield. Nehantists. Warrior. Undead. Duration 4 turns. As this card activates and at the start of your next fights, choose up to 2 Necrosis from your Discard pile, and the others are placed in your Deck. If this card is a Necrosis Defense +2 until the end of the game, otherwise this card will become a Necrosis. At the end of every turn, Defense +1 or heals 2 Health points.

Necrotic dodge. Uncommon. Action. Nehantists. Undead. Defense +2 to Defense +4. If this card is a Necrosis, Attack +2 until the end of the game. This card becomes a Necrosis until the end of the game.

Skeletal claws. Common. Claws. Nehantists. Warrior. Undead. Duration 4 turns. Dual Wield. 2 Undead Actions from your Deck become Necrosis. If this card is a Necrosis, Attack +2 until the end of the game, otherwise this card will become Necrosis. At the end of each turn Attack +1 or heals 2 Health points.

The Undead’s Night. Common. Action. Nehantists. Warrior. Undead. If this card is a Necrosis, it will be placed in your Deck at the end of the fight and cards it created will become Necrosis, otherwise this card will become Necrosis. “They are everywhere” and “Braiiiiiiin?” are created and played. Choose one of these 2 cards, the other one is removed from the game.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

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[Event] Scare the dollz!

Good Morning dollz!

Good news, this year heralds the return of an event that had a great impact Halloween in 2011!

How it works:

Scare your friends on Ohmydollz and win prizes!

To scare other dollz, simply click on the “Scare” button that appears under the avatars of your friends at the bottom of your form or when searching for a doll!

Scaring other dollz, you’ll earn candy that you can redeem against chests full of gifts! You can open every chest several times, but each time you get the same gifts.
For more candy, you can buy fee’z at the bank!
You have until Monday, October 31, 23:59 to scare a maximum of dollz! Bouuuuuuuh !!!

Here is a glimpse exceptional gifts this year inspired by a famous mansion no less famous amusement park …
Do you have any fears about Ohmydollz!

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New Set: Evil Clown

Periodically, tragic events happen, children disappear and are never found again.

It is said that this is done by a strange clown that attracts them to his lair with colored balloons to devour them.

But these are only stories. Right?

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[VIP] New content for the VIP store

Hi girls!

Look at what you can shop for in the Vip store for Halloween:

Isn’t it wonderful? angel or demon, what attracted you the most?
VIP member yet?

If you’re not VIP, simply go to the VIP registration form and choose a page:
Subscribe to a fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months payable in Fee’z!


Subscribe to an indefinite NO OBLIGATION thus terminated one week to the next (see conditions with your phone provider).

Happy shopping on Ohmydollz!

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[Quest] Halloween is here!

Hi the Dollz!

You were waiting impatiently all, here! Quest vintage Halloween 2014!

Our dollz will end up embedded in a curious adventure in spite of it!

Everything starts from a mysterious and disturbing book, found by searching the back room of the restaurant or our doll works …

In this quest extending the hell room, and black forest, plus a new theme chacunes await you!

But not only! Finish the quest entirely and property could invite curious characters in your loft ….

Gradually, as you progress in the quest gifts are also more beautiful!

You will be asked to answer riddles to earn bonus gifts!

Check out the color variations of the items you will need for the quest in the Halloween store!

You have until Monday, November 3 at 14h to participate in this quest!

Are you well armed against the dark forces on Ohmydollz?

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[OhMyLoft] Welcome to Salem!

So Halloween is coming, I get a mysterious invitation from my friend Dafne: an evening in an undisclosed location with the single index, a witch hat!
Inside this hat is written: “Try Me”. Too curious, I cover this beautiful hat when suddenly SPRATCHHH!
Here I am transported into a cloud of smoke, I found myself face to face with Dafne in a strange village. My friend handed me a broom and said: “Welcome to Salem! ”

For this theme, enter the mysterious world of Salem imagining the atmosphere of this small village house of a witch, spell books and cauldron, gathering plants for concocting potions, or nocturnal gatherings of witches, not to mention the witch hunt and much more!

10 am on Tuesday, you can register your Loft Parade Ohmyloft “Welcome to Salem”
You have until Monday, November 3, 10 hours to register your Doll this theme enjoy it until the end!

To register for the loft show you will need to comply with the following requirements:

Use  2 elements from the Halloween store

The requirements:
- Indoor or outdoor scene
- A witch’s hat

- Gifts between friends
- Gift of the Gazette

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