New Set: Snowman

Who could resist the urge to build a good snowman as soon as the white flakes fall down to earth and covers the landscape?

Roll a large ball of snow, put two smaller ones on top, decorate them with dark stones to create some eyes and a mouth, get a carrot for the nose and – if the mood takes you – add two branches for arms. Et voilà, you have a new and fancy snowman!

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[Gift] Christmas Gift Gazette

Very strange dolls are appearing on OhMyDollz. In a galaxy far far away, we speak of a shining star above Feerik Island, announcing the birth of hope in a land that the universe has chosen. In the footsteps of the Magi, the three small aliens come to pick this little flower lost somewhere among dollz. Be on the lookout for any play that you prepare.
Meanwhile born in 2015, have a Merry Christmas!

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Card release: Khmun

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:




Khmun. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Common. Desert Nomads. Warrior. Human. Immortel. Spirit 1. Attack 7/8. Defense 0. Health points 17. Gain Chain if you play a Sword. At the start of the fight Attack +1 until the end of the game. At the end of the fight heals 2 Health points if your min. Attack is higher than 12. Turns 1, 2 and 3: Attack +2.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Ra’s broken sword. Rare. Sword. Unique. Desert Nomads. Warrior. At the start of the game, if all your characters are Humans, this card is placed in your Hand. Activates after the fight. Permanent. Attack +3. If your character has another One Handed Sword attached to him, Defense +2.

Desert Scimitar. Rare. Sword. Desert Nomads. Marauder. Warrior. Activates after the fight. Permanent. Dual Wield. Attack +0/+1. All your Nomads have Attack +1/+0 and heal 1 Health point.

Desertification. Uncommon. Action. Desert Nomads. Warrior. Permanent. Only one copy per character. Temple guardian: -1 to the damage suffered. Immortal: every 3 turns, an opposing card in play is discarded. Chain.

Longevity. Common. Action. Desert Nomads. Immortel. Spirit +1. Permanent. Every 3 Turns, a random card selected in your Discard Pile is placed in your Deck, +1 additional card if you have less than 5 cards in your Deck.

Blade from Thebirak. Common. Sword. Desert Nomads. Warrior. Permanent. Dual Wield. Attack +1 and Defense +1. At the end of the fight, Attack +1 and one of your Immortals heals 2 Health points.

Travel Ration. Common. Food. Desert Nomads. Heals 1 Health point at the end of each fight. One copy of this card per character only. If your character dies, this card will attach itself to one of your living characters at random. Permanent.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

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[Gifts To Give] New special Christmas gifts!

Hi girls! More than 8 days before Christmas! We leave the wrapping paper and packed everything! On OhMyDollz, new adorable gifts make their apperence.

Are they super cute or not? What is the gift you would like to receive this Christmas?

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New Set: Candy Cane

The Candy Cane settles down in our valley to delight us as a Christmas treat of sweet excellence.

Whether round or cane, its red and white striped patterns are instantly recognized by all. The Candy Cane can be found on many postcards and Christmas decorations all around the world.

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[Quests Replay] The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Hi Girls!

If you had the opportunity to travel back in time and relive a Christmas past, seeking what would you do?

Until Monday, December 22 12 am, you have the option to replay or Christmas quests of your choice between Christmas 2011, 2012 and 2013!

A key, coins, or temporary talent, make your choice!

in 2011, our mission is to dollz to save Christmas! the key, the cottage room, and the Ice Palace!

in 2012, our dollz wanted to solve the mystery of her aunt, mysterious woman, and cold!
the key Christmas play (watch no extension if you already have!)!

In 2013 a little elf comes to visit the dollz, and embarks on a wonderful adventure!
the key Noel part (or extension if you already have) and the acting talent Mrs. Claus! (1 voucher / day until 1 February)

Watch Out! you can not go back! once started looking it must complete before you can access the following!

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[Fashion Show] * SPECIAL * 2015 Miss OMD!

“In the first week of December, all would be chosen Miss!

But it is not easy to achieve this dream when one is used to being a private detective and discreet outfits!

My mission is however simple: infiltrate incognito 2015 Miss ODM and maybe even win the show!

A final revision and ready to register

- Confidential File: Election 2015 Miss OMD -
Objective: podium

Headquarters FBDollz:

- Day 1: Recognition of the requirements and prohibitions
- Day 2: Conduct a proper attire (personal note: no hurry, I have a week to its creation)
- Day 3: Get the crown “!

For this topic, be creative and create an original outfit Miss: a dress for a night or for a cocktail, long dresses or gateway, or a princess dress to thrill with their presence …

You have until Monday, December 22 at 10 am to join the pageant “Miss Omd 2015! “To enroll your Doll in this topic!

ATTENTION: Only players who completed the mission “Miss FBDollz” with both ends can join the parade and try to win:

- For Miss Ohmydollz: 1 year VIP membership
- For the 1st Runner-up: 6 months of VIP membership
- For the 2nd Finalist: 3 months VIP membership
- For the 3rd à la 9th Finalist: 1 week VIP membership

To register for the parade MUST consider the following prerequisites:

Use the following 2 items, cosneguidos at the end of the late Miss FBDollz!

“Luxury Bodyguard”:
“Collar FBI”:

- An obligation to miss (evening cocktail, long sleeve, princess …)

Banned for this theme are:
- The outfits of the day / pants / swimwear
- All outfits including those made cabinets
- Unnecessary elements (flowers, crown, Miss scarf, animals, bags?)
- The fantastic elements (wand, fireball, spotlights, glitter …)
- Created scene (no sticky furniture in the doll, …)
- The gifts between friends, gifts Gazette
- The models and characters: Your dollz will scroll ONLY!

* WARNING: will be considered held throughout the outfits made with non-accessorized dress.

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The new Miss OhMyDollz!

The three winners for the Miss OhMyDollz Fashion show are

Miss OhMyDollz: musical-angel who wins 60 $$$, the wonderful crown and sash with 54 votes!

In second position we have:trinity-noire who wins 30 $$$ with 50 votes.

And in third position: 30stmxfan who wins 15 $$$ with 48 votes.

Congratulations to them!

You can admire them in the Top Fashion Show of the week

See you in two weeks to elect the new Miss OhMyDollz!

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