Card release: Saronor

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:



Saronor. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Sap Heart. Warrior. Elfine. Spirit 1. Attack 5/8. Defense 2. Health points 15. Until the game ends, your characters will get: Defense +1 if one of your characters is a Beast and Attack +1 if one of your other characters is an Elfine. Deals an additional attack equal to her printed Attack. Even Turns: Heals 1 Health point for each different Race amongst your living characters.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Surprise attack . Uncommon. Action. Sap Heart. Warrior. +2 to damage dealt. Defense +2 if one of your characters is an Elfine. A card attached to the opposing character is discarded if one of your characters is a Beast.

Shouldn’t Have! . Common. Action. Sap Heart. Beast. Hom’Chai. Elfine. Choose one of your dead characters, your character gains Attack +X where X is equal to the negative Health points of the character chosen. (+6 maximum)

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

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Pony Vintage: Midnight Witch

Halloween is close and everyone begins to prepare for the night of the witches.

The mistress of ceremonies, the Midnight Witch will ride her best broom this year.

So, put on your best pointy hat and come and participate in this tremendous fun!

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New Set: Tea Rose

Tea is available in many forms and it is prepared in many ways.

In some countrys there are even some types of tea looking like a bud, they hatch into a beautiful flower when it is dipped into hit water.

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[Fashion Show] New theme: Once upon a time Halloween

“You know what?
A strange rumor about Ohmydollzcity: someone would have seen Snow White stabbing one of the seven dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother choking with cakes, Batman Joker savagely cutting into pieces or Candy Capuchin poisoning.
As you can see, our friendly heroes became villains for Halloween! ”

For this theme, turn a nice cartoon hero into villain.

10 am on Tuesday, you can register your Doll Fashion Show in “Once Upon a Time … Halloween”
You have until Monday, October 27, 10 hours to register for this theme, enjoy it to the end!

To register for the parade you should take note of the following prerequisites:
Use at least one element from the Halloween Store
Use at least one element from the Bascis Store

The requirements:
- A “nice” cartoon heroes (principal character)
- The hero must be clearly identifiable (eg colors, holding its special attributes …)
- Optional: a minor character

- 3 or more characters
- HS items floating around the doll
- Gifts to offer friends
- Gifts from the Gazette
- Made all the outfits including those cabinets

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[Flash Sale] Ghost Pirate

Hi Dollz!

Find now a flash sale that will shake your bones!

this superb set Ghost Pirate that you can get it for 150 instead of 320 $$$!
to access the sale click “current offer” available at the top left of the site! The sale is available until October 22, 11am! enjoy it!

Have a good week and good shopping on Ohmydollz!

**You can also buy the different parts to this in the Flash Store**

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