Card release: Ogmor of Arcania

Card release: Ogmor of Arcania

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:

Ogmor of Arcania. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Noz’Dingard Envoys. Mage. Human. Compendium. Spirit 3. Attack 5/8. Defense 2. Health points 14. Defense +2 if you play an Action. At the start of the fight, choose a character. He suffers 3 magic damage points +3 if he has a Class in common with your character. Turns 3, 5 and 6: +2 to magic damage.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Iolmarek. (4 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Rare. Desert Nomads. Priest. Solarian. Spirit 3. Attack 4/6. Defense 0. Health points 17. Your Desert Nomad allies gain Spirit +1 until the end of the game. Your Solarian allies gain Attack +1 until the end of the game. Turns 3 and 5: Defense +2.


On its last evolution : Rare. Desert Nomads. Priest. Solarian. Spirit 2. Attack 5/6. Defense 0. Health points 16. Your Desert Nomad allies have Spirit -1 until the end of the game. Your other Eclipse characters gain Attack +1 until the end of the game. Turns 3 and 5: The opposing characters suffer 2 direct damage points.

Embalmment . Uncommon. Destiny. Priest. Non-multiclass Priest: Choose a character. If he is yours, he heals X Health points otherwise, he suffers X magic damage points where X equals your character’s Spirit.

Grand Divine Scepter. Uncommon. Staff. Priest. Attack +1 and Spirit +1. Permanent. Non-multiclass Priest: Starting from next fight, your character gains 2 Health points if he plays at least one Theurgy.

Book of the three Truths. Common. Magic Book. Desert Nomads. Mage. Priest. All your Desert Nomads gain Spirit +1. Permanent. Non-multiclass Priest: Your non-multiclass Priests have -1 to damage suffered.
These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Soraya has been modified as follows:

Defense +1 until the end of the game for each one of your Nomad Priest allies. At the start of the fight, Attack +1 for each one of your dead Nomad allies. If “Soraya” dies, for each “Swarm of Scarabs” in your Discard Pile, every opposing character suffers 2 direct damage points and each one of your Solarian allies gains 2 Health points. Turns 1, 2 and 3: Defense +1.

Enjoy the game!

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[Quest] The Flower Quest

Hi girls!

This week, we’re celebrating the flowers on OhMyDollz! Your Doll will discover the fantastic and colorful universe of all kind of flowers! Real balm for the soul!

This quest holds for you the fairylike Flower Room as well as the Glasshouse if you finish both endings!

Enter the world of flowers with these wonderful decoration elements and original outfits. Only the fragrance is missing!

Are you romantical and in love with roses?

Do you prefer the tenderness of tulips?

Or you wish to have your own glasshouse? Do people say you have a green thumb?

And don’t miss the animated decoration elements which are dispersed in all steps of the quest.

The more you progress in the story, the more prerequisites you need, but the gifts get better and better!
At each stage of the quest, you have to answer a mini enigma to get exclusive elements associated to the quest!

Check the different color variants for the prerequisite items at the Flowers Shop!

The store will be available until May 4th 11h59 PM (CET). Seize the opportunity toget all the elements you like!

Finish the quest until Wednesday, April 30th at 2 P.M. (CET) to win all the gifts!!

Have fun on OhMyDollz !

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Exclusive Vintage: Exopony

There is another world beyond the stars, a world so lush and exciting and full of life.

This vast planet houses the amazing race Exopony, a large blue coated pony living in symbiosis with nature itself.

The set Exopony is exclusive and will remain in Poney Vallee until next Wednesday.

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[Item Hunt] Happy Easter

Hi girls!

The easter egg hunt is almost a traditional event on OhMyDollz!

If you manage to find 50 items on the site, you get this chocolate dress!

There’s time until Thursday April 24th at noon to find all eggs and get the awesome outfit!

Happy Easter on OhMyDollz!

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The new Miss OhMyDollz!

The three winners for the Miss OhMyDollz Fashion show are

Miss OhMyDollz: soleda who wins 60 $$$, the wonderful crown and sash with 57 votes!

In second position we have:snowbear who wins 30 $$$ with 57 votes.

And in third position: hunnybear who wins 15 $$$ with 55 votes.

Congratulations to them!

You can admire them in the Top Fashion Show of the week

See you in two weeks to elect the new Miss OhMyDollz!

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New set: Easter Basket

We hope that you all had wonderful easter holidays!

The easter basket hushes into our valley so that none of the chocolate eggs is left behind without being picked up into a little basket or easter nest.

Did you find all eggs?

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The Time of Dragons

The Time of Dragons

When great magic powers are set free, this can open passages between different eras. Recently the thread of time became very instable and crossings to unsuspected times have been opened.

The Time of Dragons

Nobody could predict the arrival of the dragons, those colosses whose existence was nothing but a mere hypothesis of a few archeologists. From this moment on, the diplomatic relations between the guilds were tense. Each one of them tries to negociate with these new sources of power, for whoever does not carry forward in their strategic plans might find themselves without defense when time has come.

What is this?

“The Time of Dragons” is an event on Eredan iTCG in which you can obtain 9 dragon children, little pets who can be quite useful.

But this also is additional permanent content for the Adventure mode and the Clans. These dragons will continue to appear randomly and temporary even after the end of the event.

How can I get these offsprings?

Until Friday April 25th at 10 A.M. (CET), you can accumulate Gold by gaining victories anywhere in the Adventure mode or even against other players. You will win more Gold if you beat the new dragons in the Adventure mode.

You also get 300 Gold in all 12 card boosters and 100 Gold in 4 and 6 card boosters.

With this Gold you can buy the offsprings of the dragons who will only be available during these 7 days. You can also use your Gold to place bids on the cards for the auctions.

The Dragons

During the event, the 9 dragons will alternate in the Adventure mode, each one appearing during one hour. Caution, these are very dangerous opponents! Prepare yourself well for the battle.

If you beat them, you loot cards and win a Gold bonus.

New Clan Trophies

9 new Clan trophies are available, one for each dragon. If 30 members of your Clan manage to kill a dragon in less than 7 minutes, your Clan will get the according trophy and all clan members recieve the folowing new treasure:

That’s right, organising raids with your Clan will allow you to activate act trophies in the store for free and get the hundreds available trophy cards!

After the Event

After the event, the dragons will still appear on the Adventure mode map but not quite as frequently and the Clans can continue their raids on the dragons to get the coupons. Only the Dragon offsprings will not be available anymore.

Have fun!

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