[Replay] Nordic legends

Hello dollz !

Here is your chance to play or replay the Asgard quest !

Through this quest you will experience a thrilling adventure in Norway to discover the Nordic legends and their secrets. What will be your destiny ? What will you chose between two fully opposite futures ?

During this quest with two endings, you can win :
– the Asgard room OR its new extension if you already own the room !
the Viking room or its extension







The store linked to the quest will be open during the whole event !


You can replay this quest until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Good replay on OhMyDollz !

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La Miss Ohmydollz del momento!

Las(os) tres ganadoras(es) de la elección Miss OhMyDollz de esta semana son:

Miss OhMyDollz : brittany-pierce quien gracias a sus 21 votos gana 60$$$, la banda y la corona de Miss!

Segundo Lugar : chenyi quien gracias a sus 21 votos gana 30$$$

Tercer Lugar : linnara quien gracias a sus 18 votos gana 15$$$

Muchas felicidades a ellas(os)!

Puedes ir a admirarlas(os) en el Top Desfile de la semana.

Hasta la próxima semana para elegir a la nueva Miss OhMyDollz!

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[Bank] Special offer on $$$

Hello dollz!

Do you need a small bonus to prepare Halloween ?

Are you lacking OhMyDollarz ?
Until Sunday, take advantage of incredible offers on OhMyDollarz at the bank !

Gain more $$$ at the bank by converting your Fee’z this weekend !


Convert your Fee’z to obtain:
– 45 $$$ (instead of 30 $$$) for 150 Fee’z converted
– 280 $$$ (instead of 185 $$$) for 900 Fee’z converted
– 760 $$$ (instead of 500 $$$) for 2300 Fee’z converted

To convert your Fee’z in OhMyDollarz, go to the Bank’s page.


Until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour) to take advantage of this promotion.

Take advantage of the quest on OhMyDollz !

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[Stores] Opening of the Halloween shop

Hello devils !

The Halloween shopping starts this weekend !!!
Monsters, frights, candies ! Halloween is coming soon ! But it’s still too far 😉

Everything must be perfect for your doll to be the most terrifying, ugly and malicious !
Also, your decoration must be impeccable to surprise and scare your poor victims !

The Halloween store opens its doors again so that your doll can prepare for the frights to come ! Find all the decoration and outfits from previous years.


Find all these scary elements at the store https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/halloween-1.png

The store will stay open until Sunday, 4 November at 11:59 pm.

Take advantage of this opportunity to complete your spooky collection on OhMyDollz !

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[Stores] New items at Losty’s shop !

Hello dollz,

The weather is getting colder and the sun slowly goes away, time to cover up ! Become a queen of the shadows and reign over the coming season !

_apercus_boutique (9)Discover the color variations of these elements in Losty’s shop.


Good game on OhMyDollz !

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[Packs] Stay fit !

Hello dollz,

Wellness and sports are key to staying fit. What is your preference ? Are you more the running type or the chilling one ?!

Make your choice through several packs, available until Friday !

The Gym and the Park are also available in some of these packs.

Rediscover their content :


To access these packs, click on the following button displayed in the current offers :


You have until Friday at 11.59 pm to profit from the offer (Paris time).

Have fun on OhMyDollz !

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[Halloween Show] Call to the designers !

Trick or treat ?

Dear Dollz, prepare your fabric, your sewing machine and your prettiest costume for OhMyDollz’ most beloved event : Halloween of course !

For this very special event, we decided to take the month of October to get ready and the process starts now ! You will play the main part in this thanks to the contest we organize.


From October 9th until October 16th at 11.59 pm, you will have exactly 7 days to send all your Halloween creations. You are free to create anything you want. May it be a simple handbag or a crazy dress, even decors are welcome ! Give yourself a treat !

Your items or outfits will then be selected to be part of the 2018 Halloween event, which will take place October 30th, the perfect day for such a beautiful celebration.

You can send your creations directly from your inventory : we will receive them and enjoy your endless imagination. You can propose up to 5 items, created maximum 3 months ago !

Dollz whose creation(s) will be selected will of course be rewarded, but for the moment we will keep it secret !

Are you up for this challenge ?

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[Stores] New collection at Altairia’s shop !

Hello Dollz,

Swap your fall clothing and go on a wild ride to the last festivals of the season  ! Altairia presents her new collection of original party outfits in full EDM style !

_apercus_boutique (9)_apercus_boutique (9)Discover the color variations of these elements in Altairia’s shop


Good shopping on OhMyDollz !

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[Replay] Tokyo

Hello dollz,

Here is the chance to play or replay the Tokyo quest !

Rediscover Tokyo, the city with a thousand facets, swinging between tradition and modernity, technology and respect for nature.

At the end of this quest, you can win the Japanese plains or their extension if you already own the room !






Find the color variations of the items you will need for this quest in the Asian shop.


You can replay this quest until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Good replay on OhMyDollz !

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Miss OhMyEstudio del momento!

Los 3 ganadores del desfile OhMyEstudio son:

Miss OhMyEstudio : nadeshikoh quien gracias a sus 75 votos gana 150 $$$, el trofeo y un certificado de el “Mejor Disenador”!

En Segundo Lugar: daiana84quien gracias a sus 64 votos gana 100 $$$

En Tercer Lugar : shousuke quien gracias a sus 62 votos gana 50 $$$

Muchas felicidades a ellas!

Puedes ir a admirarlas en las Top OhMyEstudio de la semana.

Nos vemos dentro de 2 semanas para elegir a la nueva Miss OhMyEstudio!

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