[Packs room] ELITE BATHROOM, with a matching Furniture Set !

Hi Dollz!

A sumptuous and refreshing room is awaiting you! The Elite Bathroom is available!

Gift your dolls this dream come true bathroom, with all matching modern furnitures.


This set is only available for a few days.

The room and its furnitures are available in several packs, until Sunday, 23h59.  (Paris Time)


Get inspired with OhMyDollz!

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[Replay Quest] Panther Woman is born!

Hi you upholders of the law!

Here is the quest: Panther Woman!


In this adventure, your doll who is an orphan hurt by her obscure past, becomes an upholder of the law ready to fight any injustice. A new face has appeared to fight all the bandits in OhMyDollz City: Panther Woman!

Our doll has one aim: to discover the truth and avenge her parents!

Yet, are decisions easier to make when you are in the shoes of an avenger?


Our doll is gonna live an exceptional adventure and meet her worst enemy: the fool!

Complete this adventure and win 2 rooms:

– The Manor room to live the life of a rich philanthropic heir!

– The “Panther Cave” to live the life of a masked avenger!

You have until Sunday June 16th at 23h59 to complete this adventure!


Each room corresponds to one of the endings.

Yet you can use the “replay” that cost 150 Fee’z only , if you choose both endings you get both rooms!

These 2 exclusive rooms are in the“Royal” theme!


The more you progress in the story, the more prerequisites you need but the gifts get better and better!

You will have to answer enigma questions linked to the story to win bonus gifts!

Discover exclusive items in the “Panther Shop”:

This store will stay open until Sunday June 16th at 11:59 PM (French time). Make the most of it!

The masked avenger’s adventure’s start on OhMyDollz!

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La Miss Ohmydollz del momento!

Las(os) tres ganadoras(es) de la elección Miss OhMyDollz de esta semana son:

Miss OhMyDollz : rachel-berry quien gracias a sus 25 votos gana 60$$$, la banda y la corona de Miss!

Segundo Lugar : jayla quien gracias a sus 22 votos gana 30$$$

Tercer Lugar : edith-piaf quien gracias a sus 19 votos gana 15$$$

Muchas felicidades a ellas(os)!

Puedes ir a admirarlas(os) en el Top Desfile de la semana.

Hasta la próxima semana para elegir a la nueva Miss OhMyDollz!

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[Bank] Special offer on $$$ !

Hello dollz !

Do you need a few extra $$$ ?

Until Sunday, take advantage of incredible offers on OhMyDollarz at the bank !

Gain more $$$ at the bank by converting your Fee’z this weekend !


Convert your Fee’z to obtain:
– 45 $$$ (instead of 30 $$$) for 150 Fee’z converted
– 250 $$$ (instead of 185 $$$) for 900 Fee’z converted
– 760 $$$ (instead of 500 $$$) for 2300 Fee’z converted

To convert your Fee’z in OhMyDollarz, go to the Bank’s page.


You have until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour) to take advantage of this promotion.

Have a good week-end on OhMyDollz !

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[Call to the designers] Summer festival season!

Here is the Summer Festival season! Let’s celebrate the music and all its genres. Dollz are coming to set the dance floor on fire all night long and wear the most wonderful outfit for this very important event!

From the Glam Rock style to the Pop wave of the lastest decade, including the 90s Hip hop rise, show your creativity to sew the outfit with the strongest music genre identity!


Until June 16th, send your creations from your own inventory about the current theme !

You can send 5 outfits, created under 3 month top. Let’s rock !

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[Packs] At the edge of my pool of 1001 nights!

Hello dollz!

Please yourself! Relax and well-being await you with this furniture worthy of the 1001 nights!

An oriental atmosphere for unforgettable moments of relax at the edge of your pool!




This set is offered for some days. The elements are from the Elite Dollz game, unreleased on OhMyDollz.

These packs will be available until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


The relax comes on OhMyDollz!

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[Replay] 1001 dresses!

Hey dollz !

Today we offer you to replay a quest: 1001 dresses! You get a second chance to win superb gifts among which the marvelous duplex room!

You’ve organized an event for socialites, who could have a better dream job? All your friends admire you and you are chosen to be the maid of honor in your friends wedding! And you, what’s your personal life like? Can you find yourself a man who can accept your rhythm of life of about 100 per hour?

“In everyone’s eyes I have such a fun job! I guess it’s true I spend my days organizing the events of my dreams. For example, yesterday, I organized an event for investiture for the next American president. Last month was a wedding for two famous actors and the month after an event for the Prince of England! Do you know what that means, I’m integrated in the high society!”

Participate for this adventure on OhMyDollz and win tons of gifts! Here’s a little glimpse of what you might receive, a room with two levels : The Duplex !

Each step you earn numerous gifts!

The further you progress in the story, the harder the steps become but the gifts get even better!

You must answer the riddles to win the bonus gifts!

At the end of the story, you will be offered two choices! For those who desire, you can play them both but the second choice will cost an additional 150 fee’z !
If you play the first choice, you will win a 1st floor and if you do the second, you will win the 2nd floor. If you do both choices, you will win 2 levels, therefore a complete Duplex!

You have until Sunday  at 23:59 AM (French time), to participate in this quest and live a great VIP adventure!

Enjoy the game on OhMyDollz !

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[OhMyLoft] Jam Workshop


Sweet smells float in the air while sugar and fruits mix to become the delicacy of breakfast!

Jam Workshop

Create an original scene using the required items

You can register starting Tuesday, June 4 at 10am until Monday, June 10 at 10am

Take your time to prepare your creation !
Make sure that your loft is coherent and respects the theme before joining.


• To enter this show you must meet the following requirements :

– Use at least 2 items from the “Kitchen” department  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/cuisine/cuisine_off.png

– Use at least 2 items from the “Kitchenland” Shop   https://us.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/cuisine-1.png



– It is best to wait for the next theme if you cannot meet the requirements for this one, otherwise you will risk failing to be selected or even worse being banished for not respecting the theme.


Which loft will be the most liked on OhMyDollz ?

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Miss OhMyEstudio del momento!

Los 3 ganadores del desfile OhMyEstudio son:

Miss OhMyEstudio : meko90 quien gracias a sus 42 votos gana 150 $$$, el trofeo y un certificado de el “Mejor Disenador”!

En Segundo Lugar: aguaperlaquien gracias a sus 35 votos gana 100 $$$

En Tercer Lugar : jayla quien gracias a sus 33 votos gana 50 $$$

Muchas felicidades a ellas!

Puedes ir a admirarlas en las Top OhMyEstudio de la semana.

Nos vemos dentro de 2 semanas para elegir a la nueva Miss OhMyEstudio!

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[Fashion Show] Designers’ Happy Week-end – Modern outfits

Hello dollz,

The Fashion Show returns this week-end on OhMyDollz, a new opportunity for our young creators to show their talent !

For two days, enjoy a selection of designer outfits! Modern, glamorous and extravagant, these dresses will make your dollz shine at parties!


Sarah selected incredible creations for the Fashion Show that will proposed to all the community ! These creations have been selected from the Call to designers event. All are exclusive items !

How does it work?

On May 18 and 19, from 10:00am to 11:00pm (Paris time), keep an eye on the “current offers” in the top left part of the website.

Whenever you see this button http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png , it means that an item is available !

Each item will appear for 15 minutes before being replaced with a new offer. So you better pay close attention. 😉

Simply hover over the button to have a better look at the item, if you wish to make it yours click on the “buy” button below.

Here’s a glimpse of what will be shown this week-end :


FS_Juin_01a FS_Juin_01b FS_Juin_01c FS_Juin_02a FS_Juin_02b FS_Juin_02c FS_Juin_03a FS_Juin_03b FS_Juin_03c FS_Juin_04a FS_Juin_04b FS_Juin_04c FS_Juin_04d FS_Juin_05a FS_Juin_05b FS_Juin_05c FS_Juin_06


FS_Juin_07a FS_Juin_07bFS_Juin_08a FS_Juin_08c FS_Juin_08bFS_Juin_09a FS_Juin_09c FS_Juin_09bFS_Juin_10a FS_Juin_10b FS_Juin_10cFS_Juin_11FS_Juin_12a FS_Juin_12bFS_Juin_13a FS_Juin_13b

These are special collector’s items, they cannot be bought through the purchase between lofts: this event is the only chance to get them! So, do not hesitate if you like a creation, because once the time has run out, it will be too late 😉

Don’t miss this chance on OhMyDollz !

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