A nova Miss OhMyDollz!

As três vencedoras do Desfile OhMyDollz são:

Miss OhMyDollz : , que receberá 60 $$$, uma linda coroa e uma encharpe, com votos!

Na segunda posição, nós temos : , que receberá 30 $$$, com votos.

E na terceira posição : , que receberá 15 $$$, com votos.

Parabéns às grandes vencedoras!

Você pode admira-las no Top Desfile desta semana!

Vejo você na próxima semana para eleger as novas vencedoras do Desfile Miss OhMyDollz!

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Discover or rediscover the item multiplier!

Hello Dollz!

Take advantage of the item multiplier’s return for a few days!


Discover or rediscover the item multiplier to make copies of your favorite items! All the items in your inventory are “copyable”, it’s an unique opportunity to get several copies of exclusive items!


To get an item multiplier, go to the Bank and find the “Bonuses” tab. You have until Friday 26. May 2017 at midnight (CET) to enjoy this offer!


Have fun on OhmyDollz!

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[Quest] Night at the museum

Hello dollz,

Enjoy the Heritage night to learn new things!
While a nocturnal visit of the museum, your doll will discover that mysteries and incredible things can arise at any time. And what if it happened to you… Would you be up to the task?

Experience a quest to discover multiple worlds, all linked by an intriguing enigma!

You will be able to get the new room Royal Museum and the extension of the room Jungle through this quest.







Great gifts are waiting for you! The rewards increase, and get even more beauty gifts, as you progress in the quest.

You will also be asked to answer riddles to win bonus gifts.

In the final stage of the quest, you will have a choice to make:

If you choose The Jungle Fever ending:

You will go on an exploration quest of an ancient ruined temple to discover the mystery of your incredible adventure.
Will you be able to get back to civilization?

This part of the quest will make you win the new extension of the Jungle room, as well as a huge decor to design your own temple in the jungle … with the traps that go with it;)
Arizona Jones, a jungle explorer, could very well lend you a hand if you choose to take this dangerous route.



If you choose the Cabinet of Curiosities ending:

The adventure will end abruptly and you will be back to reality.  Was all this adventure just a dream? And yet… How could you have done all the sketches if you were dreaming?

This part of the quest will make you win the new Royal Museum room, as well as all the necessary elements to create your own exhibition.
You will also find a new “Vanity” outfit based on the theme of still life.



Many other gifts can be won throughout these stages.

All you have to do in order to play is to click on the promotion button:


Discover the different color the objects you will need for the quest in the Basics Shop.

You have until Monday 29. April 2017 3:00pm (CET) to enter the contest. VIP subscribers have 24 hours more to participate in the quest, they will therefore be able to play until the Tuesday 30. May 2017 at 3:00 pm. (CET).

Have a great adventure on OhMyDollz!

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A nova Miss OhMyLoft!

As três vencedoras do concurso OhMyLoft são:

Miss OhMyLoft : dawarf, que receberá 150 $$$, o troféu “A Melhor Designer” e um certificado, com 25 votos!

Na segunda posição, nós temos : , que receberá 100 $$$, com votos.

E na segunda posição : , que receberá 50 $$$, com votos.

Parabéns às grandes vencedoras!

Você pode admira-las no Top OhMyLoft desta semana!

Vejo você daqui duas semanas para eleger as novas vencedoras do concurso OhMyLoft!

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[Cannes Film Festival] The stars are invading OhMyDollz !

Hello dollz,

Your friend Julie loves the Cannes Film Festival. And this year, you have both organized a weekend on the Croisette so you could try to spot and meet as many celebrities as possible.

Julie has already planned a complete itinerary, and will take you to the most prestigious and glamorous places.
Be on time or you might miss a star!

You’ll find many characters in the shops of the game, and old collectors at incredible prices.
A rumor goes around that at least a new never seen before character will be present at this festival. Will you be able to meet him?



Here’s a glimpse of what will be available:






And these images only show a glimpse of what will be available, there are still plenty of other objects waiting for you!
It is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss 😉

How does it works?

On Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st, 2017, from 10 am to 10 pm (CET), keep a good eye on the “Promotions” on the top left corner of the site. Every 15 minutes, a new object will be available!

Each time you’ll see the buttonhttp://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png appear a new object will be available.

Simply hover your mouse over it to see the object and click on the “buy” link under the button to acquire the item.  You can even acquire the item several times.

Each object will be available for a duration of 15 minutes. At the end of these 15 minutes, it will be replaced by another object. So be quick if you don’t want to miss anything!

About Collectors’ item
Beware, the game’s collector’s Items are priceless. During the event, their price will be seen as 100 $$$, but this price does not indicate their real value!  For this Happy Day, we’ll offer them at the price they would have been if they would have been available in store. In other words they will be far more valuable that what they seem!

Be sure to check the current promotions this week-end on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] New arrivals from Nerikya’s at the Stylist Center

Hello dollz,

Nerikya invites you to come to drink tea while watching the fireflies with her!
Relaxed and intimate atmosphere on her fully customizable terrace.

You will be able to completely personalize your outdoor relaxation area with these new elements that you wil find in her shop.


Find the color variations of these elements in her shop ,  in the Stylist Center .

Enjoy springtime on OhmyDollz!

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[Private Sales] Red carpet in Sarah’s shop

Hello dollz,

Sarah is organizing a private sale featuring unpublished versions of OhMyDollz’s finest luxury outfits for the Cannes Film Festival.

As such you will get to discover, as an exclusivity, several unpublished colors of these outfits in her shop.
So race down to Sarah’s to find your dream dress!

Don’t miss out! At the end of the Cannes Film Festival these objects will become collector’s item!

The private sales will be available through Sarah’s card, in her shop.


Discover the Feather set in its new dark purple design.
As a symbol of the Festival, the Red Palm outfit is declined in a new chic and glamorous color.
If you want some flashes of gold, you will be wise to choose the Deep yellow (alternative version of Deep pink)!


The sparkling Dark Princess outfit comes in two new colors.
You will be the center of attention with Black beauty version of the Pink Summer Outfit.


With the Blue beauty version of the Black Pink outfit, you will be the most beautiful doll of the Festival.
Shine on the Red Carpet with these two new colors of the Shiny set.


To be the most glamorous, the Blue Pearl outfit can be found in two new dark and elegant colors.
Indian Glam is even more glamorous in its blue version.

How does this sale works?

This collection consists of outfits, all on sale during the event via the direct purchase option in the lofts of the players, which all of them can be bought with $$$.
Stroll freely through Sarah’s room and try out any articles of interest to you!


How do I buy an object I am interested in?

That’s easy! Just visit the shop of Sarah’s doll. Select the element you like, and right click on it. Click on the small caddie to buy it!

And since this is direct private sales to the creator, you will be able to enjoy a friends and family discount on these usually very expensive outfits!

And of course, you can also acquire these items in the lofts of players who bought them before you.

How long will this collection be available at Sarah’s shop? And what will happen then?

As of the 29th May 2017, these elements will become collector’s items. They will then be available only in the lofts, against Fee’z just like any other collector’s item.

Precision: These objects will not be available in the Luxury shup at the end of the event.

Have a nice time shopping on OhMyDollz!

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Patch Note

Hello dollz,

OhMyDollz is evolving! Behind the scenes, our team works daily to improve the game.

Here is a list of the small changes progressively carried out since January 2017.

Have a good time on OMD!


Sewing machine

  • The sewing machine shows if your creation contains VIP items (gifts and shop items). Click “See details” to learn more. This doesn’t affect the sewing of your creation.
  • The “My creations” inventory also shows if your creation contains VIP items: the word “VIP” will be displayed below your creation if it’s the case.
  • You can now zoom in on your creation to see its details. The zoom feature doesn’t affect the sewing of your creation.

Spending  gauge

  • Variety: The random awarding of items has been modified for greater variety.

New accounts

In order to counter harassment and inappropriate behaviors, newly created accounts will have their private messages, “Who am I” and comments automatically blocked for a duration of 30 days.

Nonetheless, for those who wish to get to know the community, the forums and Facebook pages are still available.


  •  Item multiplier: The number of multipliers in your possession is displayed at the very bottom of your inventory, below the pink block.
  • Sorting by tags: Each type of model in the game is associated to a tag. It is possible to sort your inventory using one or several tag, allowing you to quickly find specific items, for instance: “classic dollz” + “made with love”.
  • The feature above the inventory, which allows you to have a better view of the items displayed on a page, can be hidden by clicking the “Hide” and then “Confirm” buttons.
  • Number of items displayed by page: Choose the number of items that you want to be displayed on the page and click “Confirm”.


  • Improved rendering: The image of your doll displayed as your avatar and shown in the Top Dollz has been improved.

Top Dollz

A “Top Auction” has been added to the “See the rankings” menu.


  • Going back before confirming stage 1

Choose a quest from the replay page. You can click on “See all the Gifts”, then go back to the replay menu to choose a different one.

This is possible as long as you haven’t confirmed the first stage. Once stage 1 is validated, the quest must be completed before another one becomes available.

Fashion Show & OhMyLoft

  • The way participants are displayed has been modified.

It is no longer possible to view twice the same participant in one browsing session or before all the current participants have been viewed.

  • The random presentation of participants has been modified.

Participants will be displayed in a random order during each new browsing session.

  • It is no longer possible to modify the link to votes.
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[Mini quest] Sarah in space

Hello dollz,

Sarah’s dream came true! She now travels among the stars… on board of the space station MS-OMD-5051!

It has now been several months since she joined Thamos P. for an incredible journey to discover the secrets of the universe. Her report on the living conditions of he astronauts is going to be incredible!

The date on which they will come back to Earth is not yet official, but their return is eagerly awaited by the OhMyDollz community.

Enjoy an interview with Sarah until Saturday to learn more about the living conditions in space and win lots of gifts!


You will earn many gifts, if you manage to be in harmony with Sarah’s personality.

Read her answers carefully to find out her tastes.
Buy the right items and earn points to fill the gauge. Fill it up completely in order to win all gifts.

But be careful! Bad choices will not go without consequences! If you are unable to read Sarah correctly, you won’t be able to win as much gift.
So think carefully before buying an article because you won’t get a second chance.

If you have any difficulties with one of the questions, click on “New question” at the bottom right to return to the choice. The other choices may give you a different point of view regrading the question you have problems with.

Discover the different color the objects you will need for the quest in the Basics Shop.


You have until Wednesday 20th May 2017 midnight (CET) in order to participate to this event.

All you have to do in order to gain access to the replays is to click on the promotion button:http://www.ohmydollz.com/design2012/offre/btn_mdrague_off.png

Are you ready for a trip among the stars?!

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A nova Miss OhMyDollz!

As três vencedoras do Desfile OhMyDollz são:

Miss OhMyDollz : xxstellaxx, que receberá 60 $$$, uma linda coroa e uma encharpe, com 30 votos!

Na segunda posição, nós temos : dawarf, que receberá 30 $$$, com 22 votos.

E na terceira posição : misgray, que receberá 15 $$$, com 22 votos.

Parabéns às grandes vencedoras!

Você pode admira-las no Top Desfile desta semana!

Vejo você na próxima semana para eleger as novas vencedoras do Desfile Miss OhMyDollz!

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