[Shops] 7 Deadly Sins Wardrobe

Hi Dollz!

A new wardrobe is available on OhMyDollz : The Seven Deadly Sins!



Lust and Wrath


Envy and Pride


Sloth and Gluttony


How To : wardrobes
When opening a wardrobe, you’ll get 5 items from the whole content of the wardrobe. If the same wardrobe is opened multiple times, you will not receive cloned items, unless you already own everything!


Don’t want to open 7 times the wardrobe to get all 35 items?

You can now obtain the whole content of this wardrobe in one go, by clicking the “buy option” located under the “Content Preview” line! This option is only available in fee’z.

You can still open the wardrobe for a sum in $$$, one opening at a time if you prefer so.

Watch out : If you buy the whole content in one go, you will get all 35 item, whether you already own an item or not!

To open the wardrobe, go to the shop page and select http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/armoire-1.png !

What about you? What’s your Deadly Sin?

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