[Cannes Festival] Happy Cannes Festival!

Hello again dollz!

What does the Cannes Festival remind you of? The oh-so-mythical red carpet? The gorgeous dresses? The stars?


OhMyDollz is going to spoil you, two days on the red carpet await you! Discover Happy Hours flash sales on the theme of the Cannes Festival this week-end!

The program:

2 exclusive outfits!



3 totally new versions of Luxury dresses!


And our official selection: tons of old items, evening and Luxury dresses, accessories, decoration elements, characters and even models at special prices! Some of it is even offered, so pay attention!

How it works

During the week-end, Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 23.59pm (CET), keep an eye on the “Current offers” at the top left part of the website. Every 15 minutes, a new item will appear!

Every time you see the following button, it means that a new item is available!

btn_happyday_offJust move your mouse over the icon to have a better view of the item and if you like it, click on the “Buy” link under the button to get it.

Each sell or gift only lasts 15 minutes, so better be quick!

Keep your eyes on the prize on OhMyDollz!


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