[Gift] The moderation team gives you the “Let it snow !” set

Hello dollz,

The French moderation team wishes to share out the Christmas generosity and gives the whole community the “Let it snow !” set, which will be followed by two other suprises.


Receive this gift in your inventory by accessing your account before Monday, December 17 at 11.59pm (Paris time).

Thank you to the moderation team for these gifts !

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[Replays] Play past Christmas quests again !

Hello dollz !

For those of you who love Christmas and its atmosphere, our team offers to play again past quests around this celebration !
Here is your chance to play or replay the Xmas quests from 2009, 2014 and 2016.

Christmas quest 2009

Your doll must help the inhabitants of Elfville to prepare Christmas! Six little elves, Mrs Claus and Santa Clause need her help!

Throughout this quest, you can obtain beautiful gifts and Christmas items!

Beware: This quest isn’t on replay, but in the form of pack.
Go here to access the packs 😉

https://blog.feerik.com//images/friand-friand.jpg https://blog.feerik.com//images/amusla-galerie.jpg https://blog.feerik.com//images/pere-noel.jpg

Christmas 2014

Your doll is the housekeeper of Santa Claus, she must attend to all her tasks! Will she be up to the challenge?

Throughout this quest, you can obtain:

– the Cloud room and its theme “starry night” (or its extension if you already own the room).
– the temporary talent Mother Christmas who will give you +1 voucher per day until February 1st 2019
10 item multipliers


Christmas 2016

The orphanage of your town is looking for volunteers to animate Christmas eve for the kids. Prepare the most beautiful Christmas for these children and discover the true meaning of this celebration.

Throughout this quest with a double ending, you can obtain:
– the Christmas Night room
10 vouchers
10 item multipliers
– the Christmas Fairy job that will give you 7 $$$ per working day


The stores linked to the quests will be open during the whole event !

https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/noel-1.png https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/dollzstory-1.png

You can replay these quests until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Good replay on OhMyDollz !

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[Fashion Show] Dressed in garlands !

The magic of Christmas comes to the Fashion Show and inspires the greatest designers !
What will be your most beautiful creation made of garlands ?

Dressed in garlands !

Create an original outfit with the required items.

Registration period for this Fashion show is from Tuesday, December 11 at 10.00 am until Monday, December 17 at 10.00

Take your time to prepare your creation !
Check that your outfit is consistent and respects the theme before signing up.


• To register for this show you must respect the following prerequisites :

– Use at least 1 item from the Christmas market  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/noel-1.png

– Use at least 2 items from the “Party” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/festif/festif_off.png department in the Decoration categoryhttps://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/deco/deco_off.png


Trouble understanding this theme or the fashion show ?
You can find help (and many tips) to follow the rules on the forum. To access it, go to the page of the parade and click on the link “Details of the parade”.


– Note that sewing machine creations do not appear in the parade.
– If you can not follow the requirements of this theme, wait for the next one at the risk of being put aside or worse to be banned for not respecting the theme.
– The Rules of the Fashion Show are available from the contest entry page by clicking on “Rules” at the top right.
– Multi accounts are limited to 3 entries per person, any abuse will be sanctioned by a ban.


Which creation will be the most appreciated on OhMyDollz ?

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La Miss OhMyDollz del momento!

Le tre vincitrici dell’elezioni Miss OhMyDollz del momento sono :

Miss OhMyDollz : brilly che vince grazie ai suoi 19 voti, 60 $$$, la sciarpa e la corona di miss!

Seconda classificata : hinata-hyuga che vince grazie ai suoi 18 voti, 30 $$$

Terza classifica : karmax che vince grazie ai suoi 17 voti, 15 $$$

Congratulazioni a tutte!

Potete ammirarle nel Top della sfilata del momento

A tra due settimane per eleggere la nuova Miss OhMyDollz!

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[Inventory] Many Xmas elements now stick to your doll !

Hello everyone,

Time to unleash your creativity even more as Christmas draws near !

There are many Xmas elements in the decoration department, some stick to the dollz, others don’t. Our team checked all the Xmas decoration items and made them stick when they didn’t.

Garlands, balls, knots, stickers and Xmas presents from the decoration/lights department are almost all sticking to the doll !

We hope that this change will help you to get creative and to have fun making your outfits in these magical times !

To celebrate this and to allow you to use these elements for the coming events, we allow each player to send 3 additional creations for the contest ! That means you can submit up to 8 creations in total !

Take advantage of it !


Please notice that some decorations weren’t changed because they were too big or not adapted to the making of outfits.

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[Happy Weekend] Items at a discount during two days !

Hello dollz!

During the weekend, Sarah organizes “Happy Hour” flash sales, with tons of items to purchase and receive.

An unique opportunity to purchase elements and collectors at incredible prices ! Sarah even made some of these items into gifts. 😉


How does it work?

On December 8 and 9, from 10am until 8pm (Paris time), keep an eye on the “current offers” in the top left part of the website.

Whenever you see this button http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png , it means that an item is available !

Each item will appear for 15 minutes before being replaced with a new offer. So you better pay close attention. 😉

Simply hover over the button to have a better look at the item, if you wish to make it yours click on the “buy” button below.
Gifts will appear from time to time, stay sharp !

Have a good week-end on OhMyDollz !

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[Fashion Show and LookBook] Congratulations to our designers !

Hey dollz,

During the last Fashion Show and LookBook, we’ve been spoiled with jaw-dropping princess dresses !


We had to rack our brains to select your propositions ! Behind these creations are talented players who put their imagination and creativity to use, for the Fashion Show as well as for the LookBook.
The selected players received 60 $$$ and 30 Coils, here they are :

Congratulations to td76, virtue-of-demon, kbriolet92, rosagirl, bouzy39, phobee, grisalda, rock-and-paris002, nami9011, geb, laureenmcfly, laady-choc, siramoon, momo291989, riiona, nadiaben-agence1, zodiaka, apocalyptique, roseaddict, vivitrimajati, caro-mimi-15, mely80600, rainette, siannah, ange-milie, cocotalili, feedenadiaben, kyou-kai, styliste-x2, alm46, scientrier, kentin-as, nyralarmeciel, elsaelisabeth, jus-de-tomates, melle-red, angel-heart, romy-fee4, yunaserah, omoue, eleens, hirondel, rikku5, mingxia, saliha4, lunearcenciel, shisaichi, jania-82, socoli, baloonette, babylabulle, xx-mouah-71-xx, soumeya, lunamandine, feedespencees, painolait, lilalilou4, caymi, nadiaben9, framboisecaramel, little–nana, khidaa, dame-scientrier, lolatou, feenadiaben5, princess-xs, imane20047, ismea, japandollz, noii, irina-diaman, lol442011-5, hisaon, bb-ouin-snif, sweet-celi-rpg, billyjo, imane20047, rock-and-paris, eleens, skeleton, o246, nadiaben4, lizbethcool, riiona, kentin-as, mana4869, cuiicuii, liberty15, monsieurm, lafee-23, megalose, feeholly, happypenny, nadiaben3, carottelulu13, likalulu, feenadiaben3, arya310, nathalie-cullen, styliste-x2, lafee25, vegvisir, elsa-miss-elsa1, romy-fee3, jania-82, nadiaben, lilalilou4, se7en-wrath, lebonheurecmoi, elsa-agence-elsa, laady-choc, siannah, rhazel, khidaa, kroket, satoru-kuro, tinysweet, lavena132, laurinepass, patapyuh, chinekohappy, feebleue-katia66, lili-gia, belleangelique, cocotalili12, zaira-lol, gael, derfence0, gay-seul-je-le-veux, se7en-gluttony, tsunadenamikase, anna-larina, palier-nadiaben, lunamandine, td76, xylophonia39, mieloma, elsa-miss-elsa3, feenadiaben2, stella058, fiddleford, jadestone, sarahvictoriajenni, zeralda, feedenadiabentm, ange-milie, wapiti39, suesully, moonshines, cocotalili10, nadiaben2, ranea, kamyra, drago, elleny, elenagilbert, libertad, estell, valyria, paradise, lylykinkin, BlueJadeStone, flower_pride, sylwia, racoongal, gaurdianoftheshadows, crystalwaters, zarinen, karusia84, mlle-green, alysun1986, sun50, sun30, dyingneko, mileycyrus, kleopatraxiii, xxstellaxx !

Thank you all for participating and showing your support, it means much to us and the game.

Happy month of December Dollz !

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[Architect] Quest rooms available at the Bank

Hello dollz,

Quest rooms are available at the bank, it’s the chance to get those you’ve dreamed of or that you miss in our collection !

The said rooms are : Ocean and Venitian Palace as well as its extension.


If a room has themes and an extension, you get the themes by purchasing the extension.

This offer is available until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris hour).


Take advantage of the occasion to complete your collection on OhMyDollz !

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[Stores] Opening of the Christmas Market !

Hello dollz,

Magic sets in on OhMyDollz, it’s time to prepare for the Christmas festivities !

The Christmas Market returns to help you find new elements to create outfits and decorations.


Find all the Christmas elements you need at the Christmas market https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/noel-1.png

The store will be open until December 30 at 11:59pm (Paris time).

Prepare yourself for Christmas on OhMyDollz !

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[Packs] Rediscover skins for your doll !

Hello dollz,

Until Friday, Sarah offers you to rediscover different skins four your models, that were made without face nor make up so that you could customize them as much as possible !


Rediscover the content of these packs :





To access these packs, click on the following button displayed in the current offers :


You have until Friday at 11.59 pm to take advantage of the offer (Paris time).

Have fun on OhMyDollz !

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