[Fashion Show] Saturday special creators – Autumn

Hello dollz!

Sarah was very proud of the creations sent by the players for the Fashion Show of July on the theme of the princesses! You have already discovered a very large number through two Fashion Show in August.

But there are still several creations that Sarah was disappointed not to be able to offer you …

Sarah has selected 41 creations of players with autumnal shades that will be proposed to the entire community tomorrow at the Fashion Show, which will take the form of a Happy Day.

Several items designed by talented players on the theme of princesses and autumn will be proposed to you.

Beware, you will have 15 minutes to acquire each creation before it disappears!

These are special collector’s items, they cannot be bought through the purchase between lofts: this event is the only chance to get them! So, do not hesitate if you like a creation, because once the time has run out, it will be too late;)


Here is an overview of the collections that will be available tomorrow and the time slots for these items:

Saturdy septembre 23rd 

Collection World Fashion Tour
10 am -> 11:45 am (CET)

feedenadiabentm (FR) – shamio (FR) – kro55 (FR) – nadiaben3 (FR) – feedenadiabenbb (FR) – grisalda (FR) – lafee25 (FR) – imane20047 (FR)



Collection Fall Fantasy
12 am -> 13:15 am (CET)

neo-angelique-abyss (FR) – ismea (FR) – matoudu69960 (FR) – azea (FR) – zoua (FR) – amelie-2 (FR)


Collection Black 2 School
13:30 pm -> 15 pm (CET)

missunderstood (US) – elleny (DE) – choony (ES) – wandatorres (ES) – eleanor-fiction (FR) – nadiaben3 (FR) – lady-lucretia (FR)


Collection Bye bye Summer
3:15 pm -> 4:00 pm (CET)

eleanor-fiction (FR) – feedenadiabenbb (FR) – nadiaben (FR)


Collection Hello Autumn
4:15 pm -> 6:15 pm (CET)

nadiaben2 (FR) – reina-dela-espana (FR) – grisalda (FR) – nadiaben2 (FR) – bbeiiy-15 (FR) – lilalilou4 (FR) – tyfa22 (FR) – minoud12 (FR) – nadiaben (FR)



Collection Fallen Leaves
6:30 -> 8:15 pm (CET)

imane20047 (FR) – nadiaben (FR) – xmec-gothiquex (FR) – sugilite (FR) – grisalda (FR) – eleanor-fiction (FR)


An opportunity not to be missed;)

How does it works ?

On Saturday septembre 23rd 2017, from 10 am to 8:15 pm (CET),

look at the “offers of the moment” in the top left of the site. Every 15 minutes, a new object will appear!

Whenever you see the buttonhttp://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/boutons_HD_creas_on.png it will mean that an object is available!

Simply hover your mouse over it to see the object large and click on the “buy” link under the button to acquire the item. You can even buy it several times if you want.

Each object will appear for 15 minutes. At the end of these 15 minutes, it will be replaced by another object. So be quick to not miss anything!

What are the peculiarities of these objects?

Items on sale this weekend are not basic items.
These are creations designed by other players with the OhMyDollz sewing machine. The tastes and colors of each are variable, and of course we rely on you to avoid derogatory comments. You do not like ? Okay, but another person can appreciate, then out of consideration for her and the creator of the object, pay attention to your way of speaking;)

Once purchased, the item will be placed in your inventory in the “my creations” section (BLUE tab of the inventory).


The prices of these items are the prices suggested by the players, adjusted by the team.

Notes :

– It is not possible to modify a creation from the sewing machine.
– A creation will always have the name of its creator (visible by right clicking).
– Creatives cannot be used during parades.
– You cannot buy a creation via in-loft purchase.

But what will the creators of these outfits win?

The creator of each creation selected for this event will win $$$!

This earning will be calculated based on a percentage of the number of sales made by each item.
The $$$ will go to the account of the person that designed the creation (no money transfer between your multi-accounts).

These earnings will be credited on Monday, September 25th, 2017 during the day.

The number of sales of each will not be divulged, this information will be at the discretion of the designer stylist.
To the creators: it is useless to attempt to artificially inflate your sales;) this will not be taken into account.

Spend a wonderful weekend on OhMyDollz

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[Bank] Special offer on $$$ and gifts

Hello dollz

Are you lacking OhMyDollarz to finish the current quest?

Until Sunday, take advantage of incredible offers on OhMyDollarz at the bank!

Gain more $$$ at the bank by converting your Fee’z this week !


Convert your Fee’z to obtain :
– 45 $$$ (instead of 30 $$$) for every 150 Fee’z converted
– 280 $$$ (instead of 185 $$$) for every 900 Fee’z converted
– 760 $$$ (instead of 500 $$$)  for every 2300 Fee’z converted

To convert your Fee’z in OhMyDollarz, go to the Bank’s page:


Or click the following button in the current offers on the top-left part of the game.

You have until Sunday 24th September2017 at midnight (CET) to take advantage of this offer.

Have fun on OhMyDollz !

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[Stores] New arrivals from Bernad57 at the Stylist Center

Hello dollz!

The magic of autumn invites itself to the elven kingdom!

The enchanted forest has taken its flamboyant reflections and orange colors. And the elves have put on their outfits for this new season.

Find at the Stylist Center these new elements of decoration as well as these two new outfits signed by Bernad57.


Find the color variations of these elements in her shophttp://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/bernad57-1.png,  in the Stylist Centerhttp://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/stylist-1.png.

Have a nice time shopping on OhMyDollz!

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[Symbol Hunt] Collect Pens!

Hello dollz!

Sarah offers you an event that will take place throughout the month of September!
Every weekend, Sarah will organize an object hunt: catch 50 items to win a pen.

Collect the 5 pens of the collection to win $$$ at the end of the month! The more pens you have, the more money you’ll earn!

This weekend, try to get a new pen of this collection!


How does the symbol hunt work?

Look for all the pages of the game and click on all the symbols you will see! You must catch 50 by clicking on it!


Once you have your 50 symbols, to get your gift, click “Trade” in the current offers under the hunting icon:


By passing the mouse over the text “50 Fee’z”, you will see the details of the objects to be won.

You do not have the time or you do not desire to hunt all the symbols?

You can validate the hunt at once by paying 50 Fee’z. You will then be credited with the pen directly.

Buying in Fee’z does not remove the chase from your account. Hunting remains active until all symbols are caught and traded. So, you can always get a second pen for free.

Once the hunt is validated trough the exchange of symbols, you will not be able to buy it. There is only one free pen.

At the end of the month, Sarah will examine your pen’s collection. The more pens you have, the more money you’ll earn!

If you get the same pen several times, it will only count as 1 in the collection.

There will be several scales of winning. Even if you only get one pen, you’ll get at least a few $$$!

You have until this Sunday, 11:59 pm to catch all the symbols to get the pen this weekend. (Paris time)

Good luck to everyone !

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[Gift] autumnal equinox

Hallo der Dollz!

Good-bye summer, hello autumn!

Do you like to hear fallen leaves crunching under your feet? To celebrate the beginning of the new season, we’re happy to gift you these nice flying fallen leaves for your doll.


You have until Sunday 23:59 (Paris time) to log on into your account in order to get this gift and find it in your inventory (tab “My things”).
Remember to log out and log back in if you did not receive it today!

Have a nice day on OhMyDollz!

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[Quest] Temporal Adventures

Hello dollz!

You dreamt of a cultural discovery in Londollz, but you could be embarked on a journey even more incredible!

Get out of the routine and let yourself embark on an incredible time adventure full of mysteries and intrigues.

Will you find the way back to your time? Or will you make a choice that will change your vision of life forever?

You will be able to get the new room, “Londollz“, as well as the new talent “Time traveller”, this talent gives you a chance to go back in time and be able to work again!






Gorgeous gifts await you! As you progress in the quest, the gifts are getting better and better.

You will also be asked to answer enigmas to win bonus gifts.

In the final step of the quest, you will have a choice to make:

If you choose the “Allons-y!” ending:


Travel in the time machine and experience an exciting and mysterious encounter with the famous painter Van Gogh in person!

Discover at this stage fantastic elements inspired by the most beautiful masterpieces of the painter, his unique perception of the world, which is reflected in the beauty of his art.

With this step, you will win the new talent “Time traveller”!
This talent gives you an opportunity to “go back in time”. Attention, it does not trigger systematically;)
Once you have worked, if and only if this talent “Time traveller” is activated, you will have the opportunity to work again, just as if it was a new day!
This means that if you are still working with this Talent, and the Talent is activated again, then you will be able to re-work AGAIN!



If you choose the “Londollz, 2017” ending:


All these intrigues are not for you! In any case, it was all a dream, a consequence of your bad fall. You have to know how to stay logical, travel in time and space are not real!

With this step you will win the new room “Londollz, as well as the elements to decorate your au pair room trendy, overlooking the Thames.



To access the quest, click on the button in the current offers:


Discover the color variations of the objects you will need for the quest at the Autumn Shop .


You have until Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 3:00 pm to participate to this quest. VIP subscribers have an additional 24 hours to participate to the quest, which runs until Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm. (CET)

Experience an incredible adventure on OhMyDollz!

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[Gifts] Amethyst shop is 10 years old!

Hello dollz!

It has been 10 years since the player Amethyst amazed us with her magnificent creations in her shop at the OhMyDollz shopping centre!

A talented graphic artist, Amethyst has always been listening to the players, improving the content of her shop and making fun by adding color variations to his objects to give maximum possibilities and choices to all.

On this important date, Amethyst offers all the players these few gifts:


Login into your accounts before 12:59 pm (CET) to receive these gifts in your inventory.

Thanks to Amethyst for her talent and her creations that delight the lofts of all players. We look forward to seeing what she has in store for the future!

Find all the creations of Amethyst in her shop

Happy Birthday to Amethyst!


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[Video] Styling Demo by Cocotalili

Hello dollz,

Oh My Dollz is not only Feerik Games it is also and especially thousands of players with an incredible talent, who assemble and create unique universes in their image. Characters, sets, extravagant outfits, there seems to be no limit!

We asked some OhMyDollz players if they agreed to share some creative secrets with you. They answered the call!


Here is a new demo video on how to assemble elements on OhMyDollz, published on our Youtube channel.
Thank you Cocotalili for this small demo creation and Grisalda for the editing 😉

Direct Link to the video: https://youtu.be/3gs-0mjg_fw8


Several players from OhMyDollz have answered to our call, and other videos will be added to our channel!

We hope that this will inspire you,

Good game on OhMyDollz!

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[Flirt Replay] Mr Darcy and Mr Blake

Hi girls !

Do you remember these two charming young men, released in 2015 on OhMyDollz? They decided to make a return on OhMyDollz to find their soul mate! Which will enchant you the most? The intrepid Mr. Blake or the stylish Mr. Darcy?



How does it work?

Start by choosing one of the two guys.

You can ask all the questions that are proposed in order to seduce him.

Attention: As soon as you start to answer questions for one guy (ie: buying an item), you will have to finish seducing him before you can try to seduce the second guy.

Take the time to look good at the prerequisites and gifts of each guy before making your choice!

Once you have successfully flirted with either Mr. Darcy or Mr. Blake, in order to seduce the second you will have to use 150 Fee’z and answer the new questionnaire.

You have until February to flirt with the two contenders!

It is an opportunity to get all the beautiful gifts of these two characters if you had not already met them in 2015.

Love is in the air on OhMyDollz!

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[Collector’s chest] Discover Nerikya’s chest and its exclusive items !

Hello dollz,

The collector’s chests are back on OhMyDollz until Friday !

For the occasion, a brand new chest containing exclusive items has been designed for you by Nerikya !

Nerikya offers you a fantasy and fairy-themed chest, containing several decors and outfits to create a special atmosphere in your creations and rooms.

Which item will  luck grant you ?


Each chest contains a batch of collector’s items. Open the chest and let luck decide which one it will be.

Each time you play, the obtained item is marked on the list, which gives you a higher chance to win the remaining ones.

Discover the contents of the new chest “Nerikya” :





How does it work?

Click “play” to launch the game and let luck choose an item for you.

Once an item has been won it will be marked on the list. As long as all items are not obtained, you will receive a different item each time you play.

Once the list has been fully marked you can keep playing to win copies of the items.

There is a total of 20 of items in each chest.

Important: Items you already possess in your inventory will not be taken into account for this event. This will enable you to get a duplicate of items you already possess.

Replay grids from previous weeks !

It only costs a couple of $$$ to switch to another the grid. The grid will be just as you left it, the items that you obtained previously still being marked. But the cost of the grid is reset, you can therefore replay each grid once again in exchange for $$$. It’s the opportunity to profit even more from your favorite grids !

The grids will be available until the 22th September 2017  at 11:59 pm (CET).

To access the dedicated page, click the following button in the current offers displayed on the left side of the screen :


Have a fine week on OhMyDollz !

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