[Quest] Halloween 2015

Tremble Dollz!

Each year there’s a huge Halloween party in New-Lywood, organized by the famous fashion queen Emma Latour, and obviously no celebrity is going to miss that.

Discover different Halloween universes as a fashionblogger who’s invited to one of the biggest parties of the year.





Wonderful gifts are awaiting you! The further you progress in the story, the nicer the gifts are getting!

You will also have to answer riddles to get bonus gifts!

If you finish the quest, you will receive the new room Citadel with two brandnew themes to choose between lights on or off.


And of course many other gifts throughout the stages!

Discover the different color variants of the prerequisite items in the Halloween store!


You have time until October 28th at 3pm, to finish the quest.

Ready to get scared on OhMyDollz?

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