Limited Legendary Pack


The legendary Action card: “Orb Corruption” arrives on Eredan ITCG!

Orb Corruption. Legendary. Action. Unique. Duration 3 fights. Chain. As this card activates, choose 1 to 3 living opposing characters, 7 Orbs are created and randomly attached to them. As this card is discarded, each Orb makes its holder lose 1 Health point and is removed from the game.

Taking the opportunity, the Limited Legendary Pack is now available again until Tuesday at midnight (CET).

Contains: “Orb Corruption” + 1 other legendary card, 11 rare, 48 uncommon and 84 common cards from acts 5 to 12. +1 Foiler card, 4 XP+100 cards, 1 XP+200 cards, 1 XP+500 cards.

Enjoy your weekend on Eredan iTCG!

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