[Pinata] Sarah’s surprise outfit!

Hello girls!

8 years means big party! And we could not miss this event without offering you the opportunity to have fun as a community!

The piñatas are back! Full of surprises for your dollz! To win a beautiful outfit!


When your piñata opens, you will win a complete outfit in a random choice of 5 colors.

This year, the team also offers you the possibility to pay 150 Fee’z to try to reopen the piñata to win another color variation of the outfit that you don’t have!

How it works?
Each player has a piñata on its Loft page. To open and release its gifts, your piñata to receive 30 strokes of sticks!

On a side note, you can not hit your own piñata! That would be too easy …

Ask your friends to come and hit your piñata and hit theirs in return!
Each player can hit only once the piñata of the same player.

You have until Thursday, August 20 at 23 h 59 to convince your friends to hit your piñata!

Come celebrate with us on OhMyDollz!

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