[Quest] A dream of a Birthday!

There has been a writing contest on the french server.
And the winner of this contest is Kurly77000, whose story has been used for this year’s Anniversary Quest! Congratulations!

A dream of a Birthday!

Every year, your family and friends do their best to make your birthday something special. But unfortunately it always results in the same routine. This year you long for something exciting! But first, you’re going for some shopping!

What if you ran into something unique , something awesome you always wanted for your birthday?





The more you progress in the story, the more prerequisites you need, but the gifts get better and better!

At each stage of the quest, you have to answer a mini enigma to get exclusive elements associated to the quest!

During this quest you can win the new room “Restaurant2! The Twin sister mannequin also reappears for this occasion! And of course many other gifts to get in all the stages of the quest!

And there’s another big surprise for you! To celebrate the 8 years of OhMyDollz, we’re having a special lottery among all those who finished the quest!

One Doll will win 888 Fee’z !

+ an other 8 Dollz will receive 88 Fee’z !

+ different 8 Dollz will get 88 $$$ !

Discover the different color variants for the prerequisite items in Sarah’s shop, that wil be available until September 2nd at 11:59PM CET!


Finish the quest until August 26th at 1PM CET!

Let the party go on on OhMyDollz!

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