[Bank] Special Anniversary Bank Week!

Hi Dollz !

OhMyDollz celebrates its 8th anniversary! For this special week, we have prepared many surprises for you to make this week as awesome as can be!

To start this event on a big note, we’re having another one of our almost traditional bank weeks that will cover the whole anniversary week!

Collect all 7 exclusive items which you will receive when you buy Fee’z during this week!


How does it work?

Each time you buy at least 100 Fee’z (Free Fee’z included), you get an exclusive gift! They change every day!

How many gifts are there?

There are 7 days in one week, therefore there are 7 exclusive gifts in the bank.

How can I get all the gifts?

To receive the 7 different gifts, you must once a day buy at least 100 Fee’z at once.

What happens if I buy fee’z several time on the same day?

As there is one exclusive gift a day, if you buy Fee’z several times on the same day, you will get the same gift twice or three times or more.

What is today’s gift?


Enjoy you bank week on OhMyDollz!

Happy Anniversary OhMyDollz and see you tomorrow for more surprises!

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