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[EVENT] Travel through space on Elite Dollz!

Hi girls! Today I offer you to go on a trip on Elite Dollz! But not a common trip, on a trip through space! What comes with this event? Plenty of exclusive gifts, characters and a room!   To win … Continue reading

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Pre-order your Eredan Arena Hoodie!

You wanna join my demoniac team? If you wear this sweatshirt, I might let you enter the arena! The notorious, the demoniac, the unique Amnezy. Hi guys, Many of you saw the Eredan Arena sweatshirts of the Feerik team and … Continue reading

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20% off the Eredan ArtBook!

We launched our first Eredan tie-in product a year ago: an incredible illustrated artbook. To celebrate the release of our second product which is an Eredan Arena hoodie, we offer you a 20% discount on the Artbook. This discount last … Continue reading

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The new Miss OhMyDollz!

The three winners for the Miss OhMyDollz Fashion show are Miss OhMyDollz: n0regrets who wins 60 $$$, the wonderful crown and sash with 92 votes! In second position we have:kenamii who wins 30 $$$ with 88 votes. And in third … Continue reading

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