iTCG: Cards withdrawn from the NewComer Booster

From tomorrow onwards, the card release of November 28th 2012, will not be available in the NewComer Booster.

Here is the list of cards concerned:

Netjhim. (3 evolutions in all). On his last evolution : Rare. Character. Desert Nomad. Priest. Human. Spirit 2. Attack 5/7. Defense 0. Health points 18. Each time one of your Priests suffers damage points, a card from your Discard pile is placed in your Deck.

Turns 1, 3, 6 and 10: the opposing characters loose 1 Health point and their Maximum Health point limit is reduced by 1 until the end of the game.

Protection of the people. Rare. Action. Desert Nomads, Priest, Warrior. Permanent.

At the start of the fight, heals 1 Health point per character who has already been healed during the game.

Wood staff Uncommon. One Hand Weapon Item Stick. Desert Nomads, Priest. Permanent. Spirit +1.

At the start of fight, you can choose up to two cards in any Discard pile, these cards are withdrawn from the game and you win 2 Health points per Nomad card among them.

Precognition. Uncommon. Destiny Theurgy. Desert Nomads, Priest. Duration 2 fights. At the end of the fight, your opponent suffers X magic damage points where X is the sum of the Heal points received by both characters in battle this turn.

Chain Theurgy.

Heat stroke. Common. Action. Desert Nomads. You and your opponent suffer 1 direct damage point per card worn by one or the other (5 maximum).

Temple Guardian: a dead opponent suffers 10 direct damage points.

Warrior: Chain.

Naptys’ eyes. Common. Action. Desert Nomads. Each character in battle heals 4 Health points.

Each Temple Guardian heals 2 Health points.

Chain Theurgy.

Repulsion. Common. Action. Desert Nomads Duration 3 turns. If an Immortal dies, the others have Attack +3 until the end of the game.

Immortal: among the cards attached to the characters in battle, two opposing cards and one of yours are placed in their owner’s Deck.


Enjoy the game!

Eredan iTCG, The Trading Card Game.

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