[Quest replays] The anniversary quests return !

Hello Dollz !

Each year, the staff builds with love a quest for OhMyDollz’ anniversary and Sarah’s birthday. We offer you today to discover or rediscover these quests !

Until Thursday you have the possibility to play again the anniversary quest(s) of your choice ! The occasion to win rooms and sumptuous gifts !

In 2011, Sarah invited all the Dollz to her Birthday party and she chose you to help her with the organization !
Win “Sarah’s home” if you play this quest through !


In 2012, Sarah personally created almost all the content of this quest ! She wrote the texts of the story and drew all the gifts !
Win the “Cloud” if you choose to play this quest !


In 2013, we celebrated 6 years of OhMyDollz with a quest mixing reality and fantasy !
Win “Sarah’s home” !


In 2014, it was seen as a real challenge to organize Sarah’s birthday party !
You can win the “Party room”, its extension and both day and night themes ! You can also win 10 vouchers !


In 2015, you experienced something special, something unique and spectacular you dreamed of for your birthday ! Through this quest, you can win the “Restaurant” as well as the twin sister model !


In 2016, players were invited to discover a special quest made by our staff in collaboration with talented players from the community ! Amazing gifts await you, including the “OhMyWorld” room and the refund of the quest as a 1$$$ bonus to your daily wage during 262 days !


In 2017, players discovered a sumptuous and magical quest. Unveil the secret of the Tree-heart and win the giant “Tree” room as well as the room “At the foot of the Tree”. The job “Guardian of the Tree” (8$$$ per day) will be yours if you play both ends of the quest !



On the occasion of these replays, the related quests will open their doors during the event !

Play again these quests until Thursday at 11.59am (Paris time).


Enjoy the quests on OhMyDollz !

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