[Anniversary] The secret of the Enchanted Forest !

Hello Dollz,

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest ! A fairy named Sarah hid a beautiful surprise at the heart of this fantastic and magical decor !

But what could be hidden behind this mystery ?! Explore Sarah’s forest and try to unveil its secret…


Roam the decor with your mouse and click on the place where your cursor changes itself in a magnifying glass. A message will pop up telling you what you found.

Look everywhere carefully ! Sarah the fairy hid a beautiful evolving egg ! What creature will come out of this mysterious shell ? You’ll need to be patient before discovering it !


The egg will evolve with time. Its appearance will progressively change. However you will have to wait several days before the first signs of evolution can be spotted !

Don’t wait any longer and go looking for this mysterious egg !

The magic of the Enchanted Forest will disappear Sunday at 11.59 pm (Paris time).

Sarah has many surprises in store for you on OhMyDollz !

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