[Happy Shopping] Private Shopping!

Hello dollz!

Each time a temporary store opens or closed, is it never the right time for you?

Take advantage of an exceptional bonus, a super opportunity to get the objects that you missed in the stores: Convert Fee’z in $$$ and open the closed store of your choice!

A unique opportunity to get $$$ with the private access to one store as a gift!


How does it work?

Go to the OhMyDollz Shopping Center’s page.
Click on the closed store that you want to open.
A pop-up will ask you to confirm!
900 Fee’z will be converted in 185 $$$ (actual tax at the OMD Bank), and the store will open for 24h, that’s it.
You can repeat the operation on other closed stores as you wish!

You have some days to take advantage of this offers, available until Wednesday evening at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Good private shopping on OhMyDollz!

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