[Architect] Private sale of new rooms!

Hello dollz!

Today, we offer a very special sale!

New rooms are on sale until Wednesday in Architect and will make you discover new enchanting places!

Attention, some rooms are on private sales and will be available for now only for VIP subscribers!

5 new rooms have been added on the VIP tab and 1 new rooms has been added to the Royal tab.





The “French Gardens” (Royal tab) are available on sale for al the players.

The other rooms of the VIP tab can’t be bought only by VIP players:
Cathedral, “Haussmann Apartment”, “Modern City”, “Countryside Village” and “Medieval Hostel”

Important! Once bought, these VIP rooms are purchased definitively by the player. Even if your subscription will end, you room will be accessible, modifiable and usable at your will.

This offer is available until Wednesday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


Take advantage of it to complete your collection on OhMyDollz!

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