[Gifts] Amethyst shop is 10 years old!

Hello dollz!

It has been 10 years since the player Amethyst amazed us with her magnificent creations in her shop at the OhMyDollz shopping centre!

A talented graphic artist, Amethyst has always been listening to the players, improving the content of her shop and making fun by adding color variations to his objects to give maximum possibilities and choices to all.

On this important date, Amethyst offers all the players these few gifts:


Login into your accounts before 12:59 pm (CET) to receive these gifts in your inventory.

Thanks to Amethyst for her talent and her creations that delight the lofts of all players. We look forward to seeing what she has in store for the future!

Find all the creations of Amethyst in her shop

Happy Birthday to Amethyst!


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