[Flirt Replay] Mr Darcy and Mr Blake

Hi girls !

Do you remember these two charming young men, released in 2015 on OhMyDollz? They decided to make a return on OhMyDollz to find their soul mate! Which will enchant you the most? The intrepid Mr. Blake or the stylish Mr. Darcy?



How does it work?

Start by choosing one of the two guys.

You can ask all the questions that are proposed in order to seduce him.

Attention: As soon as you start to answer questions for one guy (ie: buying an item), you will have to finish seducing him before you can try to seduce the second guy.

Take the time to look good at the prerequisites and gifts of each guy before making your choice!

Once you have successfully flirted with either Mr. Darcy or Mr. Blake, in order to seduce the second you will have to use 150 Fee’z and answer the new questionnaire.

You have until February to flirt with the two contenders!

It is an opportunity to get all the beautiful gifts of these two characters if you had not already met them in 2015.

Love is in the air on OhMyDollz!

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