[Collector’s chest] Discover Nerikya’s chest and its exclusive items !

Hello dollz,

The collector’s chests are back on OhMyDollz until Friday !

For the occasion, a brand new chest containing exclusive items has been designed for you by Nerikya !

Nerikya offers you a fantasy and fairy-themed chest, containing several decors and outfits to create a special atmosphere in your creations and rooms.

Which item will  luck grant you ?


Each chest contains a batch of collector’s items. Open the chest and let luck decide which one it will be.

Each time you play, the obtained item is marked on the list, which gives you a higher chance to win the remaining ones.

Discover the contents of the new chest “Nerikya” :





How does it work?

Click “play” to launch the game and let luck choose an item for you.

Once an item has been won it will be marked on the list. As long as all items are not obtained, you will receive a different item each time you play.

Once the list has been fully marked you can keep playing to win copies of the items.

There is a total of 20 of items in each chest.

Important: Items you already possess in your inventory will not be taken into account for this event. This will enable you to get a duplicate of items you already possess.

Replay grids from previous weeks !

It only costs a couple of $$$ to switch to another the grid. The grid will be just as you left it, the items that you obtained previously still being marked. But the cost of the grid is reset, you can therefore replay each grid once again in exchange for $$$. It’s the opportunity to profit even more from your favorite grids !

The grids will be available until the 22th September 2017  at 11:59 pm (CET).

To access the dedicated page, click the following button in the current offers displayed on the left side of the screen :


Have a fine week on OhMyDollz !

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