[Private Sales] Red carpet in Sarah’s shop

Hello dollz,

Sarah is organizing a private sale featuring unpublished versions of OhMyDollz’s finest luxury outfits for the Cannes Film Festival.

As such you will get to discover, as an exclusivity, several unpublished colors of these outfits in her shop.
So race down to Sarah’s to find your dream dress!

Don’t miss out! At the end of the Cannes Film Festival these objects will become collector’s item!

The private sales will be available through Sarah’s card, in her shop.


Discover the Feather set in its new dark purple design.
As a symbol of the Festival, the Red Palm outfit is declined in a new chic and glamorous color.
If you want some flashes of gold, you will be wise to choose the Deep yellow (alternative version of Deep pink)!


The sparkling Dark Princess outfit comes in two new colors.
You will be the center of attention with Black beauty version of the Pink Summer Outfit.


With the Blue beauty version of the Black Pink outfit, you will be the most beautiful doll of the Festival.
Shine on the Red Carpet with these two new colors of the Shiny set.


To be the most glamorous, the Blue Pearl outfit can be found in two new dark and elegant colors.
Indian Glam is even more glamorous in its blue version.

How does this sale works?

This collection consists of outfits, all on sale during the event via the direct purchase option in the lofts of the players, which all of them can be bought with $$$.
Stroll freely through Sarah’s room and try out any articles of interest to you!


How do I buy an object I am interested in?

That’s easy! Just visit the shop of Sarah’s doll. Select the element you like, and right click on it. Click on the small caddie to buy it!

And since this is direct private sales to the creator, you will be able to enjoy a friends and family discount on these usually very expensive outfits!

And of course, you can also acquire these items in the lofts of players who bought them before you.

How long will this collection be available at Sarah’s shop? And what will happen then?

As of the 29th May 2017, these elements will become collector’s items. They will then be available only in the lofts, against Fee’z just like any other collector’s item.

Precision: These objects will not be available in the Luxury shup at the end of the event.

Have a nice time shopping on OhMyDollz!

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