Patch Note

Hello dollz,

OhMyDollz is evolving! Behind the scenes, our team works daily to improve the game.

Here is a list of the small changes progressively carried out since January 2017.

Have a good time on OMD!


Sewing machine

  • The sewing machine shows if your creation contains VIP items (gifts and shop items). Click “See details” to learn more. This doesn’t affect the sewing of your creation.
  • The “My creations” inventory also shows if your creation contains VIP items: the word “VIP” will be displayed below your creation if it’s the case.
  • You can now zoom in on your creation to see its details. The zoom feature doesn’t affect the sewing of your creation.

Spending  gauge

  • Variety: The random awarding of items has been modified for greater variety.

New accounts

In order to counter harassment and inappropriate behaviors, newly created accounts will have their private messages, “Who am I” and comments automatically blocked for a duration of 30 days.

Nonetheless, for those who wish to get to know the community, the forums and Facebook pages are still available.


  •  Item multiplier: The number of multipliers in your possession is displayed at the very bottom of your inventory, below the pink block.
  • Sorting by tags: Each type of model in the game is associated to a tag. It is possible to sort your inventory using one or several tag, allowing you to quickly find specific items, for instance: “classic dollz” + “made with love”.
  • The feature above the inventory, which allows you to have a better view of the items displayed on a page, can be hidden by clicking the “Hide” and then “Confirm” buttons.
  • Number of items displayed by page: Choose the number of items that you want to be displayed on the page and click “Confirm”.


  • Improved rendering: The image of your doll displayed as your avatar and shown in the Top Dollz has been improved.

Top Dollz

A “Top Auction” has been added to the “See the rankings” menu.


  • Going back before confirming stage 1

Choose a quest from the replay page. You can click on “See all the Gifts”, then go back to the replay menu to choose a different one.

This is possible as long as you haven’t confirmed the first stage. Once stage 1 is validated, the quest must be completed before another one becomes available.

Fashion Show & OhMyLoft

  • The way participants are displayed has been modified.

It is no longer possible to view twice the same participant in one browsing session or before all the current participants have been viewed.

  • The random presentation of participants has been modified.

Participants will be displayed in a random order during each new browsing session.

  • It is no longer possible to modify the link to votes.
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