[Quest] Modern witch

Hello dollz!

Do you believe in magic? In sorcerers and witches?

Make your entrance in the world of magic and experience a initiatory trip in the world of Wiccans!

You’ll have the opportunity to get the new and huge room “Magic Shop!

New! Discover the packs associated with this quest, they contain only the gifts of the different stages if you don’t feel like doing the quest!





Amazing gifts are waiting for you! As you progress through the story, the gifts will become more and more beautiful!

You will also need to answer mini riddles to win bonus gifts!

At the last stage of the quest, you will have a choice to make:

Continue to study magic by installing a magic observatory at your place. This stage will allow you to get the new room “Magic shop”, as well as an entire decor to create your own enchanted magic workshop.


Follow the tradition by taking over the family store. This stage will allow you to get the new room “Magic shop”, as well as an entire decor to create your own magic shop where sorcery and modernity meet.


By doing both ends, you will get the new room “Magic shop” with its extension!


And of course, many other gifts can be won throughout these stages!

To access the quest, click the button in the current offers:



You just want certain gifts from the quest, but without doing it completely? You want copies of these gifts?

Save some of your $$$ thanks to our new packs linked to the quest!

These packs contain the gifts available in the quest stages at a preferential Fee’z price, for those of you who would like to double their quest gifts or get only a few of them.

To access these packs, click the following button in the current offers:


Find the different color variations of the items you will need for the quest in the Tales Shop.


You have until the 21th September at 3pm to participate in this quest and take advantage of the packs. The Tales Shop will be open until the 2nd October at midnight!

Experience magic on OhMyDollz!

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