[Magazine: August 2016 Issue] “Hit the road” with Lineda45!

Aloha dollz!

I’m a small blue butterfly, making you gaze at ephemeral illusions. Like a perfumed memory found between book pages, I vanish at every wing flap, bringing you back to the dawn of every journey. 


“…further than night and day.” Time-travel in the US, munchies at Saint-Tropez, softness of a Senegalese sunset, choose your favorite among these three destinations.


Rocky blocks that you can use to create surprising atmospheres, on land as well as on sea!  Colorful house facades in a colonial style, easily customizable thanks to their sobriety, and various sceneries are made available to you.  Needing some inspiration ? A few pictures are  to be found on page 2.

Discover the novelties presented on page 3, 4 and 5 of the magazine in Lineda45’s shop starting Friday !

And we don’t forget the dollz! We will release three new outfits in addition to the beautiful butterfly dress that you can see on the front page of the edition!


Good reading!

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