[Mystery Box] Wedding at the beach!

Hello dollz !

June is coming and with it Summer and the holidays! But Summer is also the wedding season because many couples choose this period of the year to celebrate their union.

For an original and glamorous  wedding, why not organize an exotic and romantic ceremony at the beach?

We offer you to open boxes containing 20 items linked to this dream wedding.




How does it work ?

Each box contains an specific amount of these objects chosen at random:

– The MiniBox contains 5 items for 150 Fee’z

– The MediumBox contains 12 items for 300 Fee’z

– The MaxiBox contains ALL THE ITEMS, that is 20 items for 500 Fee’z

Careful with these Mystery boxes! You cannot know what they will contain since the items are chosen at random.

If you buy the same box several times you won’t win the same items, unless you already collected all 20 of them!

To access the boxes, click on the button in the current offers:


These Mystery Boxes are available until Wednesday 1st June at midnight.

And you? What would be your perfect wedding? Are you invited to one this Summer?

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