[Royal Tab] Rooms for sale this weekend!

Hi Dollz!

This weekend, Royal Rooms are available at the Bank!


These rooms can be bought for 400 fee’z instead of 500. Extended versions are 200 fee’z insted of 250!

If the room hosts an alternative background AND an extended version, you will get the alternative background for free when purchasing the extended version.

Please note :
-The Floating Palace room is currently available in Colors of India quest. Therefore, it is not eligible for this event.
-The Egyptian Palace room does not have an extended version. When purchasing this room, you will only get the basic background (no alternative).

This offer will last until Sunday 1st of May, 12.00 pm (GMT hour).

Would you like to complete your room collection on OhMyDollz?

Click the “Special Offer” button to access this event (left pink tab, descend tab).


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