[OhMyGames] New collection for the Jackpot!

Hello dollz!

Were you looking forward to it? The content of the OhMyJackpot has been revamped with a new collection!

Discover new and awesome outfits inspired by the 4 elements:





And also new accessories packs:


These outfits and accessories are available in different color variations!

Take your chances with OhMyJackpot!


How to play OhMyJackpot? For 3 “tokens”, you can press the button and the machine starts spinning. Depending on the combination of random symbols you get, you will win a small, medium, big or huuuuuuge prize!

3 dresses in a row = You win a complete outfit!
3 shoes in a row = You win accessories!

Prepare your tokens and may the luck be with you!

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