[Quest] Indian colors

Hello girls!

We all feel the need to know our roots, to know where we come from and to which traditions we are linked.

In this new adventure, your doll comes back to her Indian origin. Freshly arrived in India, her country of birth, she will experience an unforgettable stay that will allow her to revive her roots and culture.  http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/etape_8-1.png






Great gifts await you! Gradually, as you progress in the quest, gifts get more beautiful!

You will also be asked to answer the riddles to win bonus gifts!

At the last stage of the quest, you will be able to get the Floating Palace or its new extension with its new theme if you already have the room!

But you will also be able to win one week of VIP membership!

Important: the VIP week you can win won’t start at the end of the quest but wednesday, 4 May 2016.

If you’re already a member  with a prepaid subscription, 7 days will be added to your membership. Players who have a weekly subscription won’t be able to obtain additional days but will receive a 400 Fee’z compensation.


And of course there are many other prizes to be won throughout these steps!

To access the quest, click the following button in the current offers:


Check out the colour variations of the objects you need for the quest in the Indian Shop!


You have until the 2 May 3PM to participate in this quest and until the 15 May 11:59PM to enjoy the Indian Shop!

Ready to discover the Indian colors on OhMyDollz?

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