[Announcement] Connection issues from last week-end

Hello dollz!

This week-end, OhMyDollz has encountered technical difficulties that made it impossible for our players to connect to the game.

Our website has been considered as a “malware” site by certain browsers and has consequently been blocked by them. Our team tried to react as quickly as possible, but the game has still been unavailable for a big part of the week-end.

We do want to reassure the players: our site is everything but malicious, it hasn’t been hacked and hasn’t crashed either.

This issue is a result of “wrongly inserted” images in our players’ profiles. Some players had copy-pasted pictures from the Internet on their profile, but these hadn’t been correctly inserted and thus alerted the browsers.

We would like to remember all of our players to be careful with their profile picture and where it comes from, and also to insert them correctly using the method recommended by the game. That’s to say the insertion icon.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and we apologize to all the players that couldn’t enjoy the game during these two days.

All the events taking place during this week-end will be extended until Wednesday noon:
-The Happy Week and the access to all the shops
-The Curvy packs sale

A compensation will soon be offered to all the players for the two days of salary they missed.

Thank you all for your patience!http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/neutre.png

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