Limited Legendary Pack


The Legendary Action card: “Sensoriality” has been modified and reedited!

Sensoriality. Legendary. Action. Unique. Your character gains Chain and has Attack, Defense and Spirit +2 during this turn. Choose one of your characters and attach this card to him. During his next 2 fights, he can play an additional card after having played his cards.

Taking the opportunity, the Limited Legendary Pack is now available again until Tuesday at midnight (CET).

It contains: “Sensoriality” + 1 other Legendary card, 11 Rare, 48 Uncommon and 84 Common cards from Acts 5 to 12
+ one 500 XP Experience Destiny card, one 200 XP Experience Destiny card, four 100 XP Experience Destiny cards and a “Foil” card that you can use to change any card you want into a foil card.

Enjoy your weekend on Eredan iTCG

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