[Packs] Packs to celebrate summer!

Hello dollz!

We hope that all the graduates and students of the game have successful exams. We congratulate all those who have obtained their diplomas!

To start the summer and blow after this period of stress, the team offers several packs available until? At 11:59 p.m. Sunday!

Discover or rediscover the most beautiful destinations of past events.

Each of these packs is made up of former collectors of exclusive objects and objects, but also tokens, vouchers, $$$ and an exclusive outfit.


Here are the details of the packs:
The pack “Backpacker” presents an exclusive character!

The pack “Africa” presents an exclusive outfit in brown and the Africa room!

The pack “New Caledonia” presents an exclusive dress in green color and the room New Caledonia!

The pack “Japan” presents an exclusive outfit in red color and the Japanese room!

If you do not have the room of the pack, you will gain the basic room with no extension. If you already have the basic room, you will gain the extension. If you already have the room and its extension, you will not win another extension. No themes are offered in the packs, you will gain the basic theme.

Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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