[VIP] New subscription!

Hello Dollz!

Today is VIP !!!

The team prepared a brand new subscription plan!

Here are the advantages that formula 2.0:

– Access to the VIP villa! The room exclusively for VIP members.

– Access to the VIP shop with exclusive collections!

– 2 times more votes: 40 votes per day instead of 20.

– Weekly price: -30% every Saturday a different shop!

– The weekly gift: A collector’s item offered every Friday!

– An extra day to finish the quests!

– 6 tokens credited every week!

– Of $$$ cost! Receive 35 $$$ credited directly to your account every Friday! But not only that: $$$ Earnings lined wages!

Example: You have a job where you earn 5 $$$ for your daily work, with the new VIP, your daily click will earn you 10 $$$

Some calculations:
Job for 5 $$$: 7 days x 5 (x2) $$$ = 70 + 35 = 105 $$$ $$$
Job for 6 $$$: 7 days x 6 (x2) $$$ = 84 + 35 $$$ = 119 $$$
Job for 7 $$$: 7 days x 7 (x2) $$$ = 98 + 35 = 133 $$$ $$$

By working every day this innovation allows you to earn up to 133 $$$ / week

Amazing isn’t it?

And that’s not all!

With this new formula, you can cumulate subscription days to receive exclusive rewards!

And if your prepaid subscription expires or if you unsubscribe, you have 30 days to purchase back to a VIP formula to maintain your seniority.

A new prepaid subscription is also available. The one month discovery subscription for 999 Feez!

Important: All players who have subscribed to VIP status before the update will remain on the old formula as they so wish, or until expiration in the case of a prepaid subscription to expire.

And finally, to end the week in style, we support this new VIP formula with an UNIQUE offer!

The VIP list!

As soon as you subscribe to the new VIP formula, you will be entitled to choose three objects in the VIP list, selected for you among the items collector of the game!

You have until Sunday, June 28, 2015, 11:59 p.m. to benefit from this exceptional offer !!!

Good day Dollz!

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