[Flirt] Russian prince or peasant

Hello Dollz!

It’s just impossible to celebrate Valentine’s Day without a flirt on the game! This Year, we’re heading to russia. Your heart will be torn between the charismatic prince Dimitri and the strong peasant Nikolai.

Get their presents until february 21st at noon (CET)!



How does it work?

Choose one of the two guys.

You can ask him the suggested questions to seduce him.

Warning: As soon as you started reacting to his answers (by buying an item), you need to stay with the chosen guy and finish the flirt before you can start talking to the other one!

Take your time to look at the questions, presents and requested items before you make a choice!

When Dimitri or Nikolai fell for you, you will need 150 Fee’z if you want to seduce the second one with different questions.

Love is in the air on OhMyDollz!

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