Masters Tournament : Standard Clones

Masters Tournament : Standard Clones

A hard fight is coming on Eredan iTCG ! This week-end 1 million of crystals at stake!

Dates :

From now on and until Sunday January 5th 2013 at 8PM (French time).

Restrictions :

Format : 3 characters and 20 to 50 Cards.

Restrictions : Standard.

Forbidden cards: the cards forbidden in the Standard (Quilingo) format are forbidden in this Master Tournament.

Special Rules:

  • The first action card you play during a fight is copied.
  • If you play 2 or more Spells during a fight, the second one is copied.
  • Theurgies that you play are copied.


In total we will distribute amongst all the participants more than 1.000.000 crystals

  • 1st of the ranking : 250.000 guaranteed Crystals + the Title : The Tournament Master.
  • 2nd : 170.000 guaranteed Crystals.
  • 3rd and 4th : 110.000 guaranteed Crystals.
  • from 5th to 8th : 50.000 guaranteed Crystals.
  • from 9th to 16th : 20.000 guaranteed Crystals.

Players in the first fourth of the ranking will share a jackpot of 1.000.000 Crystals.

Furthermore, every player that played at least 5 games will receive 1000 Crystals AND players that have won at least 10 games will receive 10 Medallions.

Registration Fee:

199 Fee’z, or free enrollment if you hold the trophy Masters
of the week.

Good Luck and may the fortune be with you!

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