The Transfered one in store

Players who haven’t completed the trophy: The Transfered one, can now get it from the Eredan iTCG store.

Cumulate 500 points.

You win 5 points each time one of your characters fights against an opposing character who has no race in common.

You win 3 points if you play only one card on a even turn.

You win 1 point if you play exactly 2 cards on an odd turn.

30 points maximum per game.

You must play against different players.

You win the card named Transfer and the title: The Transfered one.

Transfer: Action. Collector. Unique. Choose a character who has no Race in common with you and attach this card to him. He has Defense -3 on even turns or Spirit -3 on odd turns or both if his race is Unknown. Permanent.

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