[Store] CindyDollz store opening!!

Hi there shopping addicted !

On OhMyDollz board we give the opportunity to players to share their creations in the topic : Created by you!

Obviously you must have a real talent for dress creating and graphic rendering. Once you get the recognition of the Dollz community, you may have the chance to have your own shop on #OhMyDollz !

It’s what happen today for CindyDollz !

You can discover her creation in the  CindyDollz Shop


Enrolled since 2008, Kevin (yes, he’s a boy!!! The first boy to have a shop on OhMyDollz !) started soon to make creations anf outfits showed on the forum.

He is a young player who celebrates today his 18th birthday!

So, give him a warm welcome!

Don’t forget that you can find creations from Tia, Coldy, Byzantine, Manzana, Valiae in the Stylist Center shop

cindydollz-2 gathers the players’ shops , and

Enjoy shopping on OhMyDollz !

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