Patch Note 23rd April

– The crystals in the Adventure mode games can be gained only if all the characters of a player are died or if a player couldn’t draw in the previous turn, or if the game lasted more than one turn (the abandonment of the game before the second turn doesn’t give crystals anymore).

– Messages at the end of the tournaments sent to players that didn’t won any rewards have been fixed.

– The effects of the card Nehant’s Inspiration are now working propely on the following cards:Cage of the cursed souls and Cursed dagger..

– The problem that sometimes prevented to buy epic cards in the market has been corrected..

– The bug of Naptys’ mask, that was resending sometimes a card on its caster if he tried to attach it on the character wearing the mask, has been corrected.

– The issue that was permitting mages to perform a physical attack after having inflicted magic damages with a Spell has been fixed

Eredan iTCG, The Trading Card Game.

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