iTCG: Cards withdrawn from the newcomers booster

From tomorrow onwards, the card release of 19th February will not be available in the NewComer Booster!

Machiavellism.Machiavellism. Legendary. Unique Action. The cards in your Hand are swapped for 6 other cards from your Deck. Choose one of them, it is played. You lose 2 Health.

Slasher. Rare. Sword one hand Weapon Item. Activates after the fight. Permanent. Dual Wield. Attack +2. Avalonian: at the start of the fight, an additional Attack +1 per Level gained since your last fight.

Enguerrand of Camlahan. (3 evolutions in all). On his last evolution : Uncommon. Character. Mercenaries. Avalonian. Warrior. Human. Spirit 1. Attack 7/8. Defense 3. Health points 15. Gain Chain if you play a One handed Weapon. Your Avalonians have Attack +1. Turns 1, 3 and 5: Defense +1, Spirit +1 and gains 1 Level until the end of the game.

Squire. Uncommon. Pet. Avalonian. Permanent. Attack +1, Defense +1 and you gain a Level until the end of the game. A Quest from your Deck is placed in your Hand, and one from your Discard pile is place in your Deck. Chain.

Kings’ crown. Common. Jewel Item. Permanent. Spirit +1. Your Avalonians gain 1 Level until the end of the game. Chain.

Facing adversity. Commune. Action. Attaque +X où X est égal à la différence de Niveau entre les personnages en combat. Avalonien : Une Quête de votre Défausse est placée dans votre Deck. Enchainement Action.

For the king. Common. Action. Attack + X where X equals the difference in Level between the characters in battle. Avalonian: a Quest from your Discard pile is placed in your Deck. Chain Action.

Enjoy the game!!

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