[Quest] Carpe Diem!

Hi dollz!

The new OhMyDollz quest: Carpe Diem!
To be won:
– 2 exclusive rooms!
– a 30% discount on the entire Luxury store thanks to the “Dollz Match”!
– 7 fashion gifts from the Magic Chest!

Accompany your doll through her initiatory journey. She is fed up of her life in Dollz City, by traveling around the world, she might meet new people, discover new things.
But maybe your doll only needs to find her inner self…


This quest is a “Dollz Match”! The winners will get a 30% discount on all Luxury store items from February 28th at 2:00 PM to March 7th at 2:00 PM (French time)!

What is the “Dollz Match”?
Finish the quest and according to the end you choose, you will either be part of the Zen Buddhist team or of the intrepid New-Caledonia team.
The goal is simple: the team with the highest number of members wins!

You can check the “Dollz Match” gauge anytime on the quest page.

Make the right decision! The biggest team is the winning team!


The more you progress through the quest , the better the gifts get!

You will have to answer mini enigmas to win bonus gifts!

At the end of the story, you will have to choose between:

– the Indian End: Join the Buddhist team and win the exclusive Buddhist temple! This room represents the interior of a Buddhist temple with a view on the Taj Mahal. Is your soul peaceful enough to make the most of the benefits of meditation?


– the New-Caledonia end: Join the New-Caledonia team and win the exclusive New-Caledonia room! This room represents the interior of a hut between sea and earth. Have you the soul of an adventurer ready to face the mysteries of the jungle?

You like both ends? Choose one end and try the second one for 150 fee’z!
By choosing both endings, you are sure to be part of the winning team and benefit from the promotion on the Luxury store!


Don’t miss the Magic Chest!

Take part in this initiatory voyage and discover a Magic Chest!
This chest contains 7 gifts. Every day, when you connect, you will see the glowing chest move. Click on it to get the gift.
Once the chest is empty, it won’t move nor glow anymore, yet you will be able to use it to decorate your loft.

You have until Wednesday February 27th at noon (French time), to take part in this original quest and win plenty of gifts!

Enjoy the game on OhMyDollz!

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