[Spending Gauge] The second Valentine Day effect

Hi you shopping addicts!

I am sure you already know the “spending gauge” which makes you win gifts when your buy items from the stores.
Today and Until Friday March 1st at 2:00 PM, you, shopping addicts can yield to your fashion desires since a new “Pending gauge” adds up to the first one.

Make the most of it and obtain tons of exclusive prizes!


How does it work?
A OhMyDollarz ($$$) gauge fills up gradually, as you spend $$$ in EVERY store (even Luxury and the magic chests and cupboards!)

There a 7 levels on this gauge that unlock one after the other. Each time you reach a level, you win an exclusive reward!

What about the rewards and levels?

Here is the list of levels and linked rewards (the sums in $$$ correspond to the number of $$$ accumulated):
Level 1 : 50 $$$ = [b]25 tokens[/b]
Level 2 : 75 $$$ = [b]3 gift certifications[/b]
Level 3 : 100 $$$ = [b]an exclusive animated jacuzzi![/b]
Level 4 : 200 $$$ = [b] a very romantic furniture set for your lounge! [/b]
Level 5 : 300 $$$ = [b] the exclusive “Romantic Suite” room! [/b]
Level 6 : 600 $$$ = [b] a very romantic furniture set for your bedroom![/b]
Level 7 : 1000 $$$ = [b] all the rooms from the [b]Loft[/b] theme (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, garage, garden and street)! [/b]

It seems the wind of Valentine’s Day love will be blowing until the end of March!
Give in to your trend temptations on OhMyDollz!

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