[OhMyGames] New Exclusive Content!

Hi mini-games adepts!

OhMyGames is THE game platform dedicated to your dollz:

Test your reflexes thanks to a frantic choreography on “OhMyDance“!
Try your lucky star by scratching a ticket in “OhMyTicket“!
Show how smart and fast you can be by facing the “OhMyTwist” game!
Experience a mad way of doing shopping by trying the “OhMyFashion” game!

All these games make you win points to obtain exclusive items from the “OhMyBoutique“.
You can also try your luck at the “OhMyJackpot” for 3 tokens. Will good fortune be with you?

Next week, new content will appear in the “OhMyJackpot” game and in the “OhMyBoutique” store.

If your are interested by the current items, it’s now or never since they will soon be replaced by new ones!

Enjoy the game, girls!

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