[Quest] Party Organizer

Hi girllz!

January is coming to an end, but it is not too late to New Year’s resolutions!

Here is a quest in which your doll is going to have to face her responsibilities and assume the consequences of the decisions she makes.

“Party Organizer”

I can’t say my life is really exciting. It’s always the same routine: commute, work, sleep! The perfect definition of my life for the past two years.

Add to that, the emotional void that took place since my ex-boyfriend told me about his need for change and his “getting-engaged” phobia…

I look at White as if she could understand and share my pain: he hated cat hair anyway! We are far better off without him, aren’t we? I can expect much from White except puring noises that mean: stroke me and stop complaining!

While I’m lost in my thoughts about my life issues, my phone rings.

Hi, it’s Marie!

Marie is my best friend. I’ve known her since I was a tiny kid. We became friends when we took part in the same end of the year school show, both disguised, she as a crab, me as an octopus! Since that day, our bond is huge and tight. I must say, her presence has always been essential for me…

Are you busy?, she asks as usual.

Yeah, I was having a chat with Blanche. You know how good she is at repartee. Talking with her is so interesting, I say ironically.

Listen… I have a problem… You know the Vernez report? Gilles asked me to finish it for tomorrow morning, the latest!

Marie works for the same accountancy firm as me. Gilles is our boss. I forgot to say that my job is somewhat boring too.

Marie and I know straight away when we need each other. That’s why I ask her:”What can I do to help you?”

You know that client quite well… she says, all panicked.

No problem, I put my super-friend costume on and I run to my computer! See you!

Time has passed since I dreamed I would become a writer of love novels!… Here I am, with my dressing-ground at 9:30 in the evening, more sexy than ever, typing frenetically on my keyboard to help my best friend.

Yeah, my life is thrilling, for sure…

At the end of the quest, you will not have to chose between two endings, instead, you will win the exclusive: “Disco” room.

This new room is the perfect copy of the biggest night clubs in the world, where celebrities like to party all night long. The perfect place for a VIP like you!

The more you progress in the quest, the more exceptional the gifts will get!

Answer enigmas to win bonus gifts!

You have until Wednesday January 30th at noon (French time) to finish this quest!

Enjoy the quest on OhMyDollz!

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