iTCG : Lazar Zackarov

A transaction made with a Stone Linker is always a good deal, ask Lazar Zackarov, he will tell you. The Mage is a specialist in selling and utilizing stone-hearts, just like his fellows. But he also masters stone cutting. Anyway do not try to swindle him, you might regret it.

Elemental might. Rare. Action. Guemelite. Air Guemelite: Attack +2.

Water Guemelite: Spirit +2.

Earth Guemelite: Defense +2.

Fire Guemelite: +3 to Spell magic damage.

Mage: Chain.

Jewelry tools. Rare. Tool Item. Stone linkers, Mage. Choose one of your Elementals. He gains 2 to 3 Health points and a Stone-heart that matches that element is created and played.


Lazar Zackarov. (3 evolutions in all) On his last evolution: Uncommon. Character. Stone linker. Mage. Air, Water, Earth Guemelite. Spirit 3. Attack 5/6. Defense 2. Health points 14. After having played your cards, Defense +2 if you are wearing a Stone-heart.

Turns 2 or 4: Defense +1 and Spirit +1.

Business savvy. Uncommon. Action. Stone Linkers. If none of your characters is wearing a Stone-heart, a Stone Linker Stone-heart from your Deck is played.

If there are 7 Stone-hearts in play, a card attached to each opposing character is removed from the game.

The guild’s cape. Common. Cloth Item. Stone linkers. Permanent. Defense +1 and Spirit +1.

Your Air, Fire, Earth or Water Guemelites gain the Stone linker Guild.


Road map. Common. Scroll Item. Stone Linker. You obtain your Order bonus if you don’t have it yet. Your allies are untapped.

Chain Item.

Globetrotter. Common. Water Spell. Stone linker, Mage. Duration 4 turns. Spirit +3.

Air or Water Guemelite: at the end of the fourth turn, the opposing characters have Spirit -2 until the end of the game.

Enjoy the game!

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