iTCG: Last Tournament before the End of the World

You have until Wednesday December 26th 2012 at noon (French time), to take part in this trophy, after that it will not be available anymore (the world will have ended by then!)


This free tournament offers you a new way to compete. When you register, you receive a Deck picked at random among the 8 Eredan iTCG guilds.

– This Deck contains 3 characters and 100 cards (10 copies of a card x 10).

– You can only play it during the tournament.

– It cannot be edited nor deleted.

– The Decks made for the tournament will be deleted at the end of the tournament.

– You will also get 15 Coins of values that you can use to buy another free deck from the Apocalypse store.

Special rules:

– Each time you play a card from the Deck specially made for the tournament, it stays in game but it cannot be used for the next fights. Therefore your Deck will empty little by little.

– The Deck becomes unplayable when it contains less than 20 cards (characters exclusive).

– You obtain a Coin of value when you gain a victory having played 6 cards or more.

– The cards played will not be deleted if your opponent leaves the game before you have played at least 6.


Here are the lots at stake for the tournament:

From the 1st to the 3rd: The Survivor trophy + a Stone Linker pack*.
From the 4th to the 50th: 1 NewComer booster.
From the 51st to the 150th: 2.000 Crystals.

What can I win during this event?

You can spend your Coins of value in the Apocalypse store to:

– Buy one of the eight tournament Decks worth 15 Coins of value.

– Buy the Cataclysm card worth 50 Coins of value.

You need more Coins of value? You get 15 free Coins of value in each 12 card booster. You can also get 15 Coins of value for 199 Fee’z.

Cards and trophies for the event

The Survivor trophy: Obtain the eight different Decks of the Apocalypse event. You will gain The Survivor title and The Survivor card.

The Survivor. (1 evolution in all). Mythical. Character. Mercenaries. Warriors. Unknown. Spirit 1. Attack 5/8. Defense 3. Health points 15. Gain Chain if you play a One handed Weapon.

Attack +3 and Defense +1 for each one of your dead Allies.

Turn 5 and more: Heals 2 Health points.

Cataclysm : Collector, Unique, Action. Deals 6 direct damage to all the characters (dead or alive).

At the end of the turn, you loose the game.

Enjoy the game!

*Stone Linker pack: this pack contains 2 copies of 2 characters (Catalyna, Master Maen), 1 Air Elemental, 1 Fire Elemental, 1 Water Elemental, 1 Earth Elemental, 1 Sorrow harpoon, 1 Ruble, plus 3 copies of each Stone Linker card, that is 46 cards (Temüjin isn’t part of this pack).

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