Special Christmas hunt

Help me Girlz!

It is almost Christmas and I have lost some of my essential items!

Here is the list of items I have lost:

A little Christmas tree: It is so cute, I had decorated specially for my kitchen!

A Christmas stocking: Essential to receive my little gifts!

An advent calendar: You know I love chocolate! And I don’t want that my delicious chocolates to disappears…

A snowman: I had made it in the garden, but I can’t find it anymore… I hope it didn’t melt!

You have until Tuesday December 25th at midnight (French time) to find all the hunt items!

There are fifty of them hidden everywhere in the OhMyDollz website! As if they had multiplied when I lost them!

Collect them all to earn this splendid gift!

Good hunt ^^

PS: If I manage to find them all, I might be able to have them put in store ^^

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