[Packs] Let’s extend our vacation!

Hello dollz!

On OhMyDollz, we have no desire for summer or holidays to end …
Let the sun and travels continue to make us dream!

We are proposing you shiny packs, to make your doll go to exotic destinations.

Discover or rediscover these packs composed of collectors’ item, but also, gift vouchers, $$$ and Rooms for some of them!


Discover these packs, which offer:

Oriental Pack (in $$$)
Transform your doll into an oriental princess with this 1001 nights outfit!


Pack Oriental
Transformée votre doll en princesse orientale avec cette tenue des 1001 nuits !
Inclus dans ce pack : une baie vitrée orientale et la pièce “1001 nuits”, onglet “Royal” (ou son extension si vous l’avez déjà).


“Africa 2012” Pack 
Are you tempted by a little trip to Africa?
Included in this pack: “chic short ”


“New Caledonia” Pack 
Destination the jungle, for an adventure to discover ancient ruins!
Included in this pack: the “New Caledonia” Room, in the “Travel” tab  (or its extension if you already have it).


“Japan” Pack
Are you passionate about Japan? Enjoy this pack to share it with your doll!
Included in this pack: the “Japanese Palace” room, in the “Travel” tab (or its extension if you already have it).


“Africa” Pack 
Let your doll travel in the heart of Africa!
Included in this pack: the “Africa” room, in the “Travel” tab (or its extension if you already have it).


These packs will be available until Sunday, 11:59 pm. (Paris time)


Have a good start for this new school year on OhMyDollz!

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[Replay Quests ] Theme start of the school year

Hello dollz!

We are close to the start of a new school year and some of you are probably returning to work or school in the days to come.

To mark the end of the holidays, our team offers you to replays old quests on the theme of the start of the school year!

Until Sunday, enjoy the return of these quests to do the ones you had missed, or to remake those you had loved!

Information about the quests on replay:

The „Modern witch“  quest for the start of the 2016 school year

Do you believe in magic? In sorcerers and witches? Make your entrance in the world of magic and experience a initiatory trip in the world of Wiccans!

This quest with two endings will allow you to obtain:
– the “Magic Shop“ room (or its extension if you already have the room)



The quest new school year of 2012 

You spent your childhood in Africa, but your parents have just been transferred to OhMyDollz city! Therefore, this year, you are going back to school in an unknown place, unwillingly!

This quest with two endings will allow you to obtain:
– The Africa room (or its extension if you already have the room)
– The High school room (or its extension if you already own the room)



The quest new school year of 2013

Holidays end, even on OhMyDollz, and someday, you must go back to school! But things aren’t easy this year for our doll! Indeed, her peaceful life in OhMyDollz City has come to an end since her father has been transferred to London. The whole family is moving with him! Our doll is now gonna live in a manor and she must get used to this huge city!

This quest with two endings will allow you to obtain:
– The Magic School room (or its extension if you already have the room)
– The High school room with it second theme “Fashion Design School” (or its extension if you already own the room )



The quest new school year of 2011

It’s back to school this week on OhMyDollz! Since you were a little girl, you dreamt of being a stylist, you will finally be able to realize your dream. This year your doll was admitted in a big styling school: Dollz Mode.

This quest with two endings will allow you to obtain:
– The designer’s profession  (who will earn you a salary of 7 $$$ each time your doll works) (Final step Italy)
– The stylist’s job (which will earn you a salary of 7 $$$ each time your doll works) (Final step United States)



For the occasion of these replays, the stored linked to these quests will open their doors during the event!

https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/schoolshop-1.png https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/dollzstory-1.png http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/tales-1.png

Replay these quests until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


Enjoy the quests on OhMyDollz!

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[Fashion Show] My back-to-school outfit

My back-to-school outfit
Create an original outfit with the help of the required items

You can register starting Tuesday, August  31 at 10am until Monday, September 6 at 10am

Take your time to prepare your creation!
Check that your outfit is consistent and respects the theme before you sign.

https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/defileloft/defile_mode_us.png• To register for this show you must respect the following prerequisites :

– Utilisez au moins 1 objet de la catégorie “Hauts” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/haut/haut_on.png

– Utilisez au moins 1 objet de la catégorie “Bas” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/bas/bas_off.png

– Utilisez au moins 1 objet du rayon “Objet de la vie courante” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/hand_accessory_casual/hand_accessory_casual_off.png de la catégorie “Accessoires pour la dollz” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/accessoire/accessoire_off.png

– Utilisez au moins 1 objet du rayon “Multimédia” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/ordinateur/ordinateur_off.png de la catégorie “Accessoires pour la dollz” https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/type/accessoire/accessoire_off.png



Trouble understanding this theme or the fashion show ?
You can find help (and many tips) to follow the rules on the forum. To access it, go to the page of the parade and click on the link “Details of the parade”.


– It is best to wait for the next theme if you cannot meet the requirements for this one, otherwise you will risk failing to be selected or even worse being banished for not respecting the theme.


Which creation will be the most appreciated on OhMyDollz ?

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The new Miss OhMyDollz!


The three winners of the current Miss OhMyDollz contest are :


Miss OhMyDollz : miley-mimi who wins 3 months VIP membership, 6 months access to all shops and 100 $$$, the wonderful crown and sash with 150 votes !


In second position we have :lionesslady who wins 2 months of VIP membership, 4 months access to all shops and 75 $$$ with 81 votes.


And in third position: mimixhemi who wins 1 month VIP membership, 2 months access to all shops and 50 $$$ with 79 votes.



From the 4th to 10th position who wins access for 2 months to all the shops and 30 $$$.

Congratulations !


See you in two week to elect the new Miss OhMyDollz !

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[Flash Sale] Pool party at Sarah’s!

Hello dollz

How about a pool party this weekend?

A colourful and festive occasion to close this Anniversary month and the summer season, while enjoying the sun and friends on OhMyDollz!

Sarah invites you to discover, in flash sale, this furniture set and its pool, a real invitation to party and have fun, but also to relax.

Vente_Flash_poolparty2021 Vente_Flash_poolparty_2021

This set of items, composed of 13 items, is available at the unbeatable price of 99 $$$! (instead of the normal price of 120 $$$ that it would have had in shop)


You can  purchase these elements to a special price until Tuesday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Party on OhMyDollz!

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[LookBook] the Sparkling Kingdom!

Hello dollz,

Escape in multiple marvelous dimensions, dream your ideal universe with this lookbook filled with outfits and decorations all more magnificent and luminous than the other.

Collect all the available looks and get the “Shining Kingdom room” as a bonus


Lookbook Royaume

Recreate, assemble, reassemble these magnificent outfits to mark them with your imprint and design your own style!
But beware, only the most valiant fashionistas will have access to the most wonderful outfits. 😉

Collect looks to unlock the ultimate look!

Stage 1

Pack 00Pack 01Pack 02Pack_03Pack 04Pack_05

Stage 2

Pack 06Pack 07

Stage 3

Pack 08Pack 09

Final Stage 

This look contains the exclusive new “Shining Kingdom” room

Pack 10pieceloc-08-2020

How to collect these looks ?
You must acquire each look, stage by stage. Collect 3 looks from stage 1 (right of left, you decide) to unlock the second stage. Get the look from stage 2 to unlock the next one ! Beware : if you started with the left outfit, you will unlock the outfits from the same side. The same goes for the look on the right side. To unlock the ultimate look, you will have to complete ALL the looks from this event. 


You have until Wednesday September 1st at 11:59 pm (Paris time) to achieve the ultimate look!

Choose you universe on OhMyDollz !

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Exchanged looks and shared emotions!

Hello dollz,

On this day after anniversary, a new surprise arrives on Ohmydollz!

After creating dialogues using bubbles, today you can now create Dollz who look at each other and share their emotions!

We don’t just express ourselves with text. An emotion, when we talk to each other, when we experience something, goes through the face.

So life is coming to OhMyDollz!



The first three emotions that we invite you to share with your doll today are Joy, Sadness and Complicity.

Each emotion are available in packs sorted by skin color and are available from today on the game and until Tuesday August 31st. Of course, these new heads are compatible with the wigs in the game.


The faces will then be available in stores from September 15 for VIPs and October 15 for non-VIP players.

Views exchanged, emotions shared and feelings revealed are now welcome on Ohmydollz.

Very affectionately,


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Happy Birthday Ohmydollz, to your bubbles !

Hello Dollz,

today is the game’s anniversary and this anniversary marks a new era for OhMyDollz.

Every loft you create has always been a little compendium of history: The theme, the Dollz, the furniture, the clothes chosen, all of this helps to create a moment and convey an atmosphere.

But from today everything changes: the Dollz are speaking out!


Now is the time for words to appear!

Text bubbles will introduce dialogue, thought, stories in OhMyDollz. You will finally be able to express yourself with words.

This little revolution will not come alone. Other elements and medium-term changes will allow you to tell real stories, to convey emotions, your emotions through the Dollz.

We can’t wait to see your creations and your delusions. A new era begins.
So that each of you can participate in the party, a bubble and a Foot have been offered to all the dollz, the VIPs have just received the two available bubbles + the exclusive “Clouds” bubble as well as the corresponding feet.


You will be able to find more bubbles in the new Story store , only the Ovals and Explosives will be at your disposal, the Cloud bubble being for the moment exclusively available in the launch packs!


These new interactions are possible thanks to the switch to Unity. Even if this one is far from perfect, it will help us extend and deeply transform OhMyDollz to give this universe the place it deserves.

We will continue to improve experiences and fix bugs. Thanks again for your patience.

Happy Birthday dear dollz !


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The new Miss OhMyLoft!

This week?s 3 winners for the OhMyLoft contest are :

Miss OhMyLoft: iloveangel earns 150 $$$, the “best designer” trophy and certificate with 99 votes !

In second position: april wins 100 $$$ with 98 votes.

In third position: ta-bella wins 50$$$ with 87 votes.

From the 4th to the 10th position :

Congratulations !

See you in 2 weeks to elect the new Miss OhMyLoft !

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[Gift between friends] New adorable festive dolls gifts!

Hello dollz

In this period of the game’s anniversary, Sarah wanted to offer you some new gifts between friends.

Colourful and festive, these adorable dolls will brighten up your friends’ lofts!

Available during the anniversary period, it’s time to spoil your friends on OhMyDollz!


Find these gifts directly on the page of gifts to offer with the other gifts.

How to offer a gift?

To send a gift to your friends, go to their profile page and look for the following button https://www.ohmydollz.com/design2012/fiche/btn_envoyer_cadeau_us.png

ou will need “gift vouchers” to send a gift. If you’re running out of vouchers https://www.ohmydollz.com/design2012/bank/cadeaux.png, find them directly at the Bank!

These gifts will be available until Sunday, June 20 at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Be generous on OhMyDollz!

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