[Stores] New to Bricoland

Hello dollz!

Do you like to customize the decorations of your rooms or modify them?
Yes? So you’ll like this news!

Discover at the Bricoland store an all new collection of walls and pieces of soils, for the backgrounds of some rooms of the game!

With these elements, you can customize your decorations in these rooms, but also use these backgrounds in other rooms!




Find these elements in the store http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/bricoland-1.png

Decorate your rooms on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] Discount at the Halloween store before closing!

Hello dollz!

Halloween has passed! The store will close soon!

Until Monday, take advantge of a 50% discount on all the items of the Halloween store.


Take advantage before it’s too late!
Go at the store to make your last purchases for this year http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/halloween-1.png

The Halloween store will close on Monday, November 13th at 11:59pm (CET).

Good shopping on OhMyDollz!

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[Gift] The French AAD team offers you a magnificent outfit!

Hello dollz!

It is more than a year that the sewing machine made its appearance on OhMyDollz!

To celebrate, the french forum AAD team offers to the community a magnificent autumn outfit done with the sewing machine.

This creation has been created by the player Grisalda (FR).


Thanks to all of you and bravo to Grisalda for this magnificent outfit.

Receive this gift in your inventory by logging in before Saturday, November 11th 2017 at 11:59pm (CET).

Have fun on OhMyDollz with the sewing machine!

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[Collector’s chest] Discover Altaria’s Chest (unreleased items)

Hello dollz!

Until Sunday, the collectors’ chests are available on OhMyDollz!
For this occasion, a brand new chest has been added to the collection!

Altairia offers you a chest on the clouds and fantasy themes.
Discover numerous unreleased elements to create a Paradise in your rooms.

From now on, the collectors’ chests offer only unreleased content. All the chests linked to old quests will disappear.
This is the last time we offer chests with old collectors.
If you want specific items of these chests, this is your last chance!

However, the chests with unreleased content of Nerikya and Altaria will remain available 😉


Each chest contains a batch of collector’s item, open the chest and get these items in your inventory!

Discover the content of the new Altairia chest:




How does it work?

You have 3 choices to get the items of the chest:

– A random selection will cost 15 $$$.
Click “play” to launch the game and let luck choose an item for you from the list of the chest.

Attention! The random selection is on ALL the items of the chest, doesn’t matter if you already have the item or not in your inventory. You can get multiple copies of the same item.

– An accurate selection will cost 25 Fee’z.
Selecting this, you can choose the item you want!
The best way to quickly obtain your favorite items 😉

– The option “Buy all” will let you obtain all the content of the chest at once for 499 Fee’z.
It is the simple solution to get all the items!

Once you have at least one copy of an item, it will be market on the list. This will let you know how many items miss to complete the elements of the list.

Once you get all the items, the chest will be shown as “complete”.
You can still play to get multiple copies of the chest’s items.

There is a total of 20 items in each chest.

Can I come back to the previous grids?

If there are numerous grids available at the same time, you can change the grid as you want and for free.
The grid will remain as you left it, with your slots already marked. So you can take advantage of your favorite grids!

The collectors’ chests will be available until Sunday, November 12th 2017 at 11:59pm (CET).

To access the dedicated page, click the following button in the current offers displayed on the left side of the screen:


Have a good week on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] Promotion at OhMyBoutik and on tokens

Hello dollz!

Do you love an item on sale at the OhMyBoutik?
This is the time to take advantage of this promotion!

Until Friday, all the content of this store has a 30% discount.

Need help to get points and make your purchases in the store?
Take advantage on this tokens’ special promotion: 50 tokens for 99 Fee’z (instead of 25 tokens).

The tokens let you play mini-games OhMyGames. Participate at these games to get an exclusive content at OhMyBoutique and OhMyJackpot!


What is OhMyGames?

The OhMyGames are mini-games where you can win points which allow you to buy exclusive content at the OhMyBoutik.
To try the mini-games, click on the button “OhMyGames” in the menu.


You will find several games:

“OhMyDance”: Press the correct arrow keys in the rhythm of the music!
“OhMyTicket”: Scratch the card and win points or tokens!
“OhMyTwist”: Prove how fast you can align the symbols!
“OhMyFashion”: Catch the clothes the clients throw over their cabins!
OhMyJackpot: use your tokens and get fantastic rewards (outfits, accessories, points for OhMyBoutik and even the Casino room!)

Play this games to obtain points, which can be traded for items at the OhMyBoutique!

To access the store, go to the stores page or click on the button of the offers of the moment:


Go to thebank to take advantage of the tokens’ promotion:


These offers will be available until Friday, November 10th 2017 at 11:59pm (CET).

Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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[Replay] Replay old Fashion quests

Hello dollz!

Do you want to immerse yourself in a fashion and glamour universe?
Find the memorable quests that took place in the past years!

For all of you that like the outfits and the style, our team offers you to replay the old quests on the Fashion theme.

During these days, take advantage of the return of these quests if you missed them, or to replay the ones you loved!

Information about the quests:

“Fashion Week” 2013 Quest

We are gonna travel around the world with our doll and take part in the most famous fashion shows! But not as a spectator, our doll is a make-up artist and she is the one who enhances the most beautiful models! But does making the others sublime condemn you to stay in the shadow forever?

Throughout this quest, you can get:
– the Royal Palace room (or its extension of you already have the room)
– the Visionary talent (increase your XP by 25% when your doll trains )
– the Haute Couture Designer job (makes you earn 7$$$ when you work )



“Fashion Week” 2015 Quest

Your dollz works for a prestigious fashion magazine and will have the great fortune to go on site to cover and important event!

Throughout this quest with a double ending, you can get:
– the Sewing workshop room and its extension if you do the 2 steps (or directly its extension if you already have the room)
– 4 fantastic models



“Save the Fashion!” 2014 Quest

Your doll has an important mission! While the apocalyptic deluge is ready to destroy the world, she is in charge to save a fashion sample of all mythical outfits of the capitals of the world!

Throughout this quest, you can get:
– la Boutique room (or its extension if you already have the room)
– 4 fantastic models



You can visualize the gifts of a quest in replay and then go back to your choice: Click on a replay, and click on “see all the gifts”. You can then choose to go back to the selection page by clicking on the “replay” or “Back to the choice” button at the top of the quest page.


You can return to the replays selection page until you have validated the first step.

Be careful, when you start an adventure because once you have validated the first step, you will have to finish completely in order to move on to another one. So think carefully before validating the first step.
The quests contain multiple stages, which some that can be bought with Fee’z, will have to finish it completely to access another replay.

Discover the different colors of the objects you will need for these quests in the stores:


To access the replays, click on the button of the offer of the moment:


Replays of these quest, as the store associated with them, are available until Monday, November 13th 2017 at 11:59pm (CET).

Let the Fashion invade OhMyDollz!

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[OhMyLoft] New theme: Visit at the cemetery


Visit at the cemetery
For this theme, be original by creating a scene about the day of the dead.

The application for this contest starts Tuesday, November 7th at 10:00am and Monday, November 13th at 10:00am.

Take your time to prepare your creation!
Make sure that your loft is coherent and respects the theme before entering.


• To enter this show you must respect the following prerequisites:

– Use at least one of the following tombs of the Halloween store http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/halloween-1.png

http://www.ohmydollz.com/img/big/29819.png http://www.ohmydollz.com/img/big/29818.png http://www.ohmydollz.com/img/big/29817.png http://www.ohmydollz.com/img/big/29816.png


Troubles to understand this theme or fashion show?
You can find help (and many tips) on the forum in order to follow the rules.
To access them just go on the fashion show page and click on the link “Details of the show”.


– It is best to wait the next theme if you cannot meet the requirement for this one or you will risk fall into the draft pick, or even worse banished for not respecting the theme.
– The “Rules” of the OhMyLoft contest are available on the competition page by clicking on “rules” in the upper right corner.
– In case of multi-account only 3 entries will be tolerated, any other abuse will be sanctioned by a ban.


Which loft will be the most liked on OhMyDollz?

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The new Miss OhMyLoft!

This week?s 3 winners for the OhMyLoft contest are:

Miss OhMyLoft: metallicat earns 150 $$$, the “best designer” trophy and certificate with 182 votes!

In second position: wins 100 $$$ with votes.

In third position: wins 50$$$ with votes.

Congratulation to them!!

You can go admire them in the current OhMyLoft contest ranking.

See you in 2 weeks to elect the new Miss OhMyLoft!

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[Stores] Matahari new at the Stylist Center

Hello dollz!

Matahari offers your two new outfits for her autumn-winter collection.
Refined and delicate, you’ll become the most stylish of the dollz!

Long split dress or scabbard dress?
What is your favorite look?

Will these outfits inspire all the creators that want to participate in the Fashion Show?



Discover various creations of her at the Stylist Center store http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/stylist-1.png under the name http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/matahari-1.png

Good shopping on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] New to Halloween store

Hello dollz!

The last collection of walls and pieces of soils in the dark backgrounds of the game received a bright success.

Our team has been sensitive to your feedback and we are pleased to announce new additions in this collection to allow you a better customization of your rooms.

Discover at the Halloween store some elements to complete this collection.
These elements are without a piece of soil. But they can be used with the others as you prefer 😉



Find the color variations of these elements in the Halloween store http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/halloween-1.png

Remember: the Halloween store will remain open until November 13th 2017.

Decorate your lofts on OhMyDollz!

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