The new Miss OhMyLoft!

This week?s 3 winners for the OhMyLoft contest are:

Miss OhMyLoft: gingerjane earns 150 $$$, the “best designer” trophy and certificate with 246 votes!

In second position: karusia84 wins 100 $$$ with 205 votes.

In third position: doomsdoors wins 50$$$ with 199 votes.

Congratulation to them!!

You can go admire them in the current OhMyLoft contest ranking.

See you in 2 weeks to elect the new Miss OhMyLoft!

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[Happy Day] Happy Father’s Day!

Hello dollz!

This weekend, the fathers are in the spotlight on OhMyDollz!

For the opportunity of their day, Sarah organized flash sales “Happy Hours”, with numerous objects to please all the fathers 😉

A unique opportunity to get the objects and collectors at incredible prices!
Sarah even transfomed some of these objects in gifts!

Here’s a preview of what will be available:
And these images are only a preview, there are numerous other objects that will be proposed!
An opportunity not to be missed 😉

How does it work?

On Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00am to 8:00pm (Paris hour), be careful at the “offers of the moments” in the upper left of the website.

Attention, there will be a pause during lunch: the last object of the morning will be proposed at noon and the first object of afternoon will be proposed at 2:00pm.

Each time you see the button there is an object available!

An object will appear for 15 minutes, then it will be replaced by an other offer. So be quick, do not miss a chance 😉

You simply have to hover your mouse over the button to see the object bigger and to click on “buy” below the button to acquire the object. Some gifts will appear from time to time! Check well!

About collector objects
Beware, the game’s collector objects are priceless. During the event, their price will be seen as 100 $$$, but this price does not indicate their real value! On the occasion of the Happy Day, we offer them at the price they would have if they were available in store!

Good Father’s Day on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] New sounds in FX store

Hello dollz!

Place to summer atmospheres! Give your rooms a holiday room with all new special effects!
New sounds are now available in the FX store.

To make you rooms and your decorations more lively, for an immersion even bigger in your univers!

Attention: the elements of this store are specials and only purchasable in Fee’z.
Find these elements in your inventory under the tag « Rare ».

Find all these elements permanently in the store.
The chosen objects are small and simple enough to allow you to hide them without too much difficulty in your decorations 😉

Enjoy the special effects on OhMyDollz!

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[Gifts] A magnificent Celtic outfit for the community! (3/5)

Hello dollz!

Do you want to discover the other elements of the Celtic outfit? 😉

For this month, you’ll get gifts that will let you get a fantastic Celtic outfit, inspired by the Beltane festival, symbol of renews and life.

Here’s the first gift that you get while logging in this weekend:

See tomorrow to discover your gift in your inventory!

For all the weekends, elements of this outfit will be offered.
There are 5 elements to collect and get the complete outfit!

What will the complete outfit look like?

Login on Saturday or Sunday to get this gift in your inventory.

Good weekend on OhMyDollz!

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[Replay Multiflirt] The Game Dethrones!

Hello dollz!

Discover five families with marked personality who are waging a merciless war to rule the land Féeréal.

Will you be able to associate at best the representative elements of the universe of these medieval-fantasy Families? Which Family will get the royal crown on the head of its heir?

Help the Trask, Lavilsoeur, Pytrell, Tarpelle and Pagayrien families to conquest Féeréal!

Coming from the cold north, the Trask family is about tough warriors, wild but loyal.

Formed from the early age to the intrigues of the Court, the members of the Lavilsoeur family will stop at nothing to win!

Elegant and refined. The courtiers of the Pytrell family like to play a deadly game.

The Tarpelle family may seem indolent at first glance, but the rare poison of its Desert Dancers surprised many!

Noble lineage fallen, will the Pagayrien famly be able to reborn from its ashes and conquest the throne?

If you complete these 5 families with different personalities answering the questions, you get numerous gifts!

When a Family is completed, you can, if you want, go to an other one.

If you complete the 5 Families at 100%, you’ll also get the famous throne, object of all the desires of the Families!trone_2

And it isn’t end: You also get the Viking room (tab Fantasy) OR its new extension if you already own it!

Don’t forget to click on the link « Click here to get your gift! » when you have completed the 5 bars to get your reward.

The objects that you need for this event are available in the Tales store, which opens its doors during this event.

You have until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Ready to accept this new challenge?!

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[Gift] The Matahari store blows its first candle!

Hello dollz!

An year yet? Celebrate the Matahari anniversary with this fantastic rainbow wig!

A gift which represents this stylist that offers colored and various elements in her store!

Login before Thursday at 11:59pm (Paris hour) to receive this gift in your inventory.

Thanks to Matahari for her creations and her talent that bring joy to the community.

Find all the Matahari creations at the OhMyDollz Shopping Center, in the store under the logo

Good anniversary to Matahari!

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[Stores] New to Stylist-x2 !!

Hello dollz!

Feerik power, make up! Sequined warrior, short skirts and multicoloured uniforms, Stylist -x2 offer you to transform your doll in a Magical Girl of the 90s 😉

prevmagic3 prevmagic2 prevmagic1

Defend friendship, love and justice!

Discover all the color variations in the store:


At the OhMyDollz Shopping Center!

Shine the darkness on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] New to Playa!

Hello dollz!

Sun and heat bring you toward… the shopping center! 😉
The Playa store opens its doors for all the summer on OhMyDollz!

Swimsuits, summer accessories… Enjoy the hot sand and the sea with this new collection of beach outfits, available in the store. The essential of this summers to tan with elegance!

Heart stroke of these elegant capes, IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLES to be trendy at the edge of the sea!
And your dollz will not be afraid of sunburn anymore 😉

Find the color variations of these elements in the Playa store of the OhMyDollz Shopping Center!

The Playa store will open its doors until the end of summer!

Take advantage of the joy of summer on OhMyDollz!

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[Fashion Show] Summer is coming soon!

Le return of the good days!
Which will be your look for this summer?

Summer is coming soon!

Create an original outfit with the help of the imposed objects.

Registration period for this Fashion show is from Tuesday, June 12th at 10:00am to Monday, June 18th at 10:00am

Take your time to prepare your creation!
Check that your outfit is consistent and respects the theme before you sign up.

• To register for this show you must respect the following prerequisites:

– Use at least 2 objects of the “Playa” store



Difficulties to understand this theme or the parade?
You can find help (and many tips) to follow the rules on the forum.
To access it, go to the page of the parade and click on the link “Details of the parade”.


– Note that sewing machine creations do not appear in the parade.
– If you can not follow the requirements of this theme, wait for the next one at the risk of being put aside or worse to be banned for not respecting the theme.
– The Rules of the Fashion Show are available from the contest entry page by clicking on “Rules” at the top right.
– Multi accounts are limited to 3 entries per person, any abuse will be sanctioned by a ban.


Which Creation will be most appreciated on OhMyDollz?

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The new Miss OhMyDollz!

The three winners of the current Miss OhMyDollz show are:

Miss OhMyDollz: karusia84 who wins 60 $$$, the wonderful crown and sash with 42 votes!

In second position we have:sun40 who wins 30 $$$ with 40 votes.

And in third position: sun20 who wins 15 $$$ with 40 votes.

Congratulation to them!!

You can go admire them in the Top parade of the moment

See you in two week to elect the new OhMyDollz Miss!

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