[Bank] Special offer on $$$

Hello dollz!

Do you need a few extra $$$?

Until Monday, take advantage of incredible offers on OhMyDollarz at the bank!

Gain more $$$ at the bank by converting your Fee’z this weekend!


Convert your Fee’z to obtain:
– 45 $$$ (instead of 30 $$$) for 150 Fee’z converted
– 250 $$$ (instead of 185 $$$) for 900 Fee’z converted
– 760 $$$ (instead of 500 $$$) for 2300 Fee’z converted

To convert your Fee’z in OhMyDollarz, go to the Bank’s page.


You have until Monday at 11:59 am (Paris hour) to take advantage of this promotion.

Have fun on OhMyDollz!

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[Packs] Valentine’s Day Mermaid

Hello Dollz!

Valentine’s day has brought a wave of love and happiness on OhMyDollz!

Attracted by the glitter and the joy, a lovely mermaid has joined OhMyDollz to celebrate love with you.

Until Monday you can obtain this beautiful outfit, from our 2017 collection. Turn your Dollz into a love messenger underwater!


To allow all the players to find their happiness, we propose you this old flash sale in 3 packs, at preferential prices.

Which pack will you choose? The outfit? The dummy change position with its accessories? The whole set?

sirval_2017 sirval_2017_all sirval_2017_dollz

You can purchase this outfit at a special price until Monday at 11:59pm. (Paris hour)


This bundle is at a more interesting price than at the Flash Boutique, which is seldom open.

Valentine’s Day is not over on OhMyDollz!

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[Stores] A new romantic Valentine’s outfit at Activitioner

Hello dollz

A few days ago, graphic designer Activitioner presented you with a magnificent romantic outfit to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The player has a surprise in store for you with an alternative version of this outfit!

Discover this new outfit, which completes the collection with a change of position. The roses from the previous outfit match this new dress.


Find these elements now in the Stylist Center shop  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/stylist-1.png under the acronym https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/102-1.png !

Thanks to Activitioner!

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The new Miss OhMyLoft!

This week?s 3 winners for the OhMyLoft contest are :

Miss OhMyLoft: jenzg11 earns 150 $$$, the “best designer” trophy and certificate with 89 votes !

In second position: vyn wins 100 $$$ with 82 votes.

In third position: mjora wins 50$$$ with 76 votes.

From the 4th to the 10th position :

Congratulations !

See you in 2 weeks to elect the new Miss OhMyLoft !

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[Stores] A romantic Valentine’s outfit at Activitioner

Hello dollz

Love is in the air and the roses are blooming!

Activitioner’s graphic designer has put together a gorgeous new romantic outfit to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This gorgeous ensemble will make you look your very best for the occasion.

Roses of all sizes and assorted colors let you accessorize any outfit, for an air of romance!


Find these elements now in the Stylist Center shop  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/stylist-1.png under the acronym https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/102-1.png !

Thanks to Activitioner!

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[Replay] Valentine’s Day quests [2/2]

Hello dollz

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day always makes me feel like I’m flying on a little cloud. The hearts, love and joy that this holiday brings enchant everyday life!

Many quests have been proposed on OhMyDollz for this occasion, we invite you to discover them again.

During some days, take advantage of the return of these quests if you missed them, or to replay the ones you loved!

Information about the quests on replay this week:

Valentine’s Day 2015

In this quest under the signs of love and friendship, your doll’s mission is to surprise her boss Miranda Streep offering something “new” to the famous OhMyMag Magazine where she works.

Throughout this quest with a double ending, you can get:
– the Best Friend room with its second theme (or its extension if you already own the room)
– the Fashion Journalist job (7$$$ daily)


« Beauty and the Beast» 2014 quest

Become Belle and tame the Beast!
Your doll will need to be brave in the Beast’s presence, which will eventually soften his heart.

Throughout this quest, you can get:
– the Haunted Castle room with its theme (or its extension if you already own the room)
– the Dollz Back model of Belle


« And they lived happily… the end? » 2018

Discover with Valentine, the daughter of the God of Love, what happened to famous fairy tales heroes, how they are doing after the “end” of their story ! So, “Love Forever”, or “I love you no more” ?

Throughout this quest, you can get the Castle room (or its extension if you already own the room)


Discover the colour variations of the items you will need for the quests in the shops:

http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/lovely-1.png http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/tales-1.png

You can replay these quests until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Live your love on OhMyDollz!

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The new Miss OhMyDollz!

The three winners of the current Miss OhMyDollz contest are :

Miss OhMyDollz : pink-sugar who wins 100 $$$, the wonderful crown and sash with 8 votes !

In second position we have :mjora who wins 60 $$$ with 8 votes.

And in third position: who wins 30 $$$ with votes.

Fromthe 4th to 10th position :

Congratulations !

See you in two week to elect the new Miss OhMyDollz !

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[Flash Sale] Cute dragons for Lunar New Year

Hello dollz

In the far-off lands of the Eredan world, dragons are fierce and dangerous mystical creatures.

For dragon lovers, we’re offering you the chance to adopt these 3 adorable baby dragons on the Lunar New Year theme of the Wooden Dragon.

Until Thursday, you can purchase these 3 new companions in flash sale.


Born under the sign of the Moon, the dragon Waliwaktu seems to possess a mysterious, magical force whose glow intensifies under the lunar reflections.

With his adorable sleepy look, the little woodland dragon Shûlong will be a faithful and sincere companion.

Fu-Long is a small Chinese dragon in the vivid colors of his breed. His bright red scales are reputed to bring good luck and wealth.


Attention, these elements won’t be at the Flash store. It’s an incredible opportunity to get these dragons!

This set of collector’s items, composed of 3 items, is available at the unbeatable price of 45 $$$! (instead of the normal price of 60 $$$)

You can  purchase these elements to a special price until Thursday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Enjoy these beautiful dragons for Chinese New Year on OhMyDollz!

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[Store] Hortentia presents Art Nouveau bridal wear

Hello dollz

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air, and what could be more romantic than a wedding to celebrate the union of two loving hearts?

Graphic designer Hortentia presents a gorgeous, modern bridal gown in a range of assorted colors.


Available in the boutique, the elements that make up this new set are rich in fashion accessories, cut into numerous independent pieces, for complete personalization of your dollz.

From flowers to diamonds and fabric sections, discover all these incredible elements that will enable you to create and personalize your superb outfits.

Find these elements now in the Stylist Center shop  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/stylist-1.png under the acronym https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/101-1.png !

Congratulations and thanks to Hortentia for all these wonderful items!

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[Fashion Show] Designers’ Happy Week-end – Love and Valentine’s Day

Hello dollz

As Valentine’s day draws near, the Fashion Show returns this week-end on OhMyDollz!

Sarah invites you to discover or rediscover this selection of trendy objects and clothes for the love festival.

During two days, enjoy a selection of creations on the theme of love and Valentine’s day, each more inspired than the last!

These designs had been offered to the community in 2019, so this is another opportunity to get these items this weekend.


How does it work?

On February 10 and 11, from 10:00am to 11:00pm (Paris time), keep an eye on the “current offers” in the top left part of the website.

Whenever you see this button https://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/btn_happyday_creation_off.png it means that an item is available !

Each item will appear for 15 minutes before being replaced with a new offer. So you better pay close attention. 😉

Simply hover over the button to have a better look at the item, if you wish to make it yours click on the “buy” button below.

Here’s a glimpse of what will be shown this week-end :
































These items are special collector’s items, they were made by talented players ! Find them in your inventory, in the blue tab. They cannot be bought through the purchase between lofts: this event is the only chance to get them! So, do not hesitate if you like a creation, because once the time has run out, it will be too late 😉

Don’t miss this chance on OhMyDollz!

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